Mom/Son Roleplay Fantasy – Natalie’s Son’s Secret Lust – Part 1

Are you a horny boy hiding a secret lust for your mom? Live out this fantasy with me in this naughty mom/son roleplay!

My son has grown into a fine young man. 

Kind, intelligent, and handsome. I am very proud to be your mother. Some may say I spoil you, but I see it as a reward for your good behavior. For example,  I just bought your new phone because you aced your history final! I also raised your allowance for all the chores you do around the house for me. And ever since you’ve been extra cheerful! 

You’re also studying harder than ever. 

Some days it seems like I barely see you. You come home, say hello, do your chores, and go straight to your room. Again you seem to be quite happy, but the behavior change still has me a bit curious. Are you spending all that time studying? What if you’re doing something you shouldn’t? Some bad habits might explain why you were so keen on a raise in your allowance… I try to tell myself that you’re a good son, and I have no reason to believe you could be getting into trouble. But I just can’t shake the feeling that something is just… different. Something is going on, I just don’t know what!

You eat your dinner a little too quickly.

Then you head straight for your room as soon as you’re finished. That’s it, something strange is going on, and I need to find out what. After a few minutes, I quietly creep toward your bedroom door. I can hear you making noise, but the sound is muffled through the door. I think you’re talking on the phone to someone. Ahhhh, that explains it. You must be talking to a girl! And the extra allowance money must be going toward dates and gifts for her. I let out a sigh of relief. Just when I’m about to walk away, I hear clear as day through the door “Oh my God, Mom!!” Oh shit. How did he know I’m here? Thinking I’m busted, I slowly open your bedroom door to confess why I had been spying on you.

You are laying on your bed, completely naked.

In one hand you’re holding a new (but well-used) fleshlight that you are ramming your cock into. And in the other hand is your new phone. But it’s not porn you’re looking at. It’s me. You’re scrolling through pictures of me I posted on my Facebook page. And fucking your new toy. And moaning for mommy. This is what you’ve been hiding: a secret lust for your mother. A desire so strong, simply jerking off wasn’t doing it for you anymore. Then you heard about these toys that feel like the real thing. As soon as you had enough saved up in your allowance, you bought a toy & bottle of lube. Ever since you’ve been pretending it’s my pussy and fucking it as often as possible. But you never, EVER intended on telling your mother any of this. And now I’ve caught you jacking off to my photos.


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don’t miss Part Two of this mom/son roleplay! If you need to finish the story now, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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