Mom/Son Age Play Roleplay – Natalie Bonds With Her Son – Part 2

Welcome back for more mom/son age play roleplay! Enjoy the sexy conclusion to Part 1!

I stroke your hair as I watch my teenage son suck my nipple.

You’re totally focused on my breasts, suckling on one while you grope the other. This is literally what you’ve been dreaming of the last two days, and it’s even better than you expected. Not only are you sucking your mother’s nipple, I seem to be enjoying it. You feel me breathing heavily, and occasionally hear a soft moan. This makes your dick even harder. I remember it feeling good the first time I breastfed you, but this… This is amazing. I let you do this to try to keep you close, but I didn’t expect to love it so much. I’m actually getting horny for my son. My pussy is leaking and getting my panties wet right under him.I look down and see my nipples are also wet from you eagerly sucking away at them. My breathing gets faster. You suck harder.

I let out a long, quiet moan, softly orgasming.

Your cock is harder than ever. Reaching down you adjust your pants, forming a stiff peak from your boner. I notice, and wonder if I should take this further. After all, simply sucking on my breasts must be sexually frustrating. I don’t want you running off to some girl because Mommy wouldn’t make you cum! I’m trying to keep you close to me! Without a word, I reach down & rub your crotch.

My surprising touch almost makes you cum in your pants. 

You stop sucking on my breasts and take a few deep breaths, looking up at me. We lock eyes. You reach down and take your cock out of your pants, never breaking my gaze. Just pleading with your eyes for Mommy’s touch. I look down at your dick. It’s quite large for a young boy, and it turns me on. I take it in my hand, slowly stroking. You squeeze your thighs together, and latch back on to my breast. Moaning as you suck my nipple, I can tell it’s not going to take much to make you pop. I stroke your cock faster. You suck a little harder, almost biting.

Thrusting your hips in the air, you hump into my strokes.

I can tell you’re almost ready.  In a soft, affectionate voice, I tell you, “It’s okay sweetie, you can do it; cum for me. That’s right my boy, cum for Mommy.” My loving words of encouragement are all you need.  Sucking on my breast, you give a hard thrust into my hand and cum. You continue to hump my hand several more times, emptying your balls for me. I lick your cum off my hand The first cum I’ve tasted in years, and it belongs to my son. You stay latched to my nipple, and I stroke your hair again. You look up at me, and I tell you to suck on my breasts as long as you want. I can tell Mommy’s going to be able to keep you close for a long time.


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Two and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my own sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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