A Mistresses Training Guide: How to Train Your Sex Slave – Part Two

6. Paddling. On average, I will paddle Allen at least once a month now. 20 strokes with a paddle.

In the beginning, it was almost every day till I noticed that he excepted me as his Mistress. When he automatically assumed I was going to paddle him I knew he was ready. Every time he didn’t obey another 20. I would tie him down and gag him and then punish him. I would lean over and ask him if he was going to obey once done. Use force with every stroke. It was almost always 20 sometimes 10 depending upon what it was. I can’t stress enough how important this is. His bottom may turn black and blue but it will recover. Remember he asked to be your slave and remind him of that often. At least 3 times a day initially, I was reminding him he asked to become my slave.

7. Cross dressing. Cross dressing is strongly recommended.

You need to remove his masculinity. I didn’t care for the cross-dressing, but it has grown on me. He has removed all his underwear and cut them up in front of me. Have him pick out his clothes when you go shopping. Start with panties and move forward. This will allow you to see his mental progress ( Psychological). Allen now only has panties, pantyhose, bra’s, nighties, skirts, tops, and high heels, as well as a wig. Of course, he still has his work clothes, but I have him wearing lady’s pants and shirts in public. These clothes look like men’s for the most part. (Once again psychological) When Allen is dressed as a sissy, he is even more submissive. I am bi-sexual, so I love it when I have him servicing my pussy with his mouth. He wears his skirts and his wigs in the house when the kids are not home. This has become intoxicating for me. He also wears his makeup and his nightie to bed every night. This is to reinforce his submission.

8. Pegging. A man can reach orgasm by hitting his prostate.

You do not need to remove his chastity belt in order for this to succeed. This is a different type of orgasm. This is a prostate orgasm he will crave for more. The longer he is caged the better his orgasms will become by pegging. This is common. I peg Allen almost every other night unless he is being punished. He has come to terms this is the way he gets to cum. I have him wearing a butt plug regularly. I have him assume a position, and I put it in him only I am allowed to remove it. By training his ass to accept the butt plug he can receive my strap on. Now he can’t cum unless he has it in his ass. I am very proud of my accomplishment. If he squirts out of his dick, he must lick it up. ( Mental ) he know he does this without being told. This is very exciting for me. At first, it Disgusted me, but like many other tasks, this has turned out to be a turn-on.

9. Chores. Give him a list of chores you want him to do. If he fails punish him.

Be realistic. I occasionally have to do chores. If he fails, I punish him.

10. Eating. I have heard many people say they feed their slaves in a dog bowl.

This can be difficult if you have kids. My husband is only allowed to eat what is on his plate, never anything more. If he works late he eats in the bedroom in his dog bowl so I can watch him. Seldom does he get warm food. Some feed their slaves dog food. I have not started this, yet I might do this as a punishment though.

11. Humiliation. I have briefly spoken about humiliation. You may ask what or how and if I should.

The answer YES, you should and have FUN with it. My slave sucks my strap on every night while I watch tv at 9:00. This is a very dominating feeling for me. He also rides a dildo on the table while I eat. He uses a strap-on to please me. I whisper in his ear how nice it is having a real dick inside me. He is also required to refer to his dick as a clit and his ass as a pussy.

If he ever calls it anything other than his pussy and clit he receives 20 lashes with my paddle. He is also a stool for me my slave is used as a stool in the shower. I do not acknowledge him at all when I am sitting on his back in the shower.

12. Sleeping. My slave sleeps in a dog cage in the closet in a diaper with a padlock on the cage, so he doesn’t bother me.
13. Enjoy having a slave and have fun. Never be afraid of pushing it.

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