A Mistresses Training Guide: How to Train Your Sex Slave – Part One

I will explain why I have these basic rules and steps. The most important thing is to be consistent.
1. Never let him know what your ultimate goal is. Never explain why you are doing something. ( I.e. a perfect slave or husband, do you want him only to be a cuckold or perhaps a sex slave or even just a house slave.)

2. The slave must admit that he wants you to dominate him.

(This is an important step allowing him to come to terms with what he truly wants.) Tell him they will be used to please your desires.

3. Chastity belt is a must. The salve doesn’t need to be let out. He must never be allowed to be alone without a chastity belt.

Know he will masturbate. No matter how much you believe, don’t trust him not to masturbate. A caged slave is an obedient slave. I watch my slave when he showers and cleans his cage; then it goes back on when he is done cleaning it. This is also a great way to show you are in charge. He might complain that it is uncomfortable at night due to erections. This will pass. Tell him if he ever asks to remove it, he will be punished. Enforcement is required

4. Blackmail. This is a must. If he doesn’t think you will expose him, he will not obey.

You will hate dominating him. If he is your husband, you may never expose him but he doesn’t need to know this. This will bring him the desire to be a true slave. Every submissive has a true desire of being forced but has a hard time admitting it.

5. Photos and videos. Once you have him in chastity, he will begin to obey you.

Take some pictures or videos of him in panties, having a butt plug in his ass, etc., great for blackmail, and have fun with it. Sometimes I make Allen watch his videos of being fucked.

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