Domination in stiletto heels, there is nothing better!

“Absolutely, because I have only ever dreamed that this might happen to me.  I promise to make you happy and to service you well!”

“We shall see.”  With that I opened the door and allowed him to follow me in.  “The first thing you must learn is that

as soon as we enter the house your shoes come off and mine get cleaned.”

“Yes, of course!”  He quickly removed his shoes and removed his hanky to clean my shoes.

“What are you doing?  You do not use a hanky on my shoes, they are only to be cleaned with your tongue!  You will lick them clean as soon as I come into the house!”  Sitting down on the hall bench I lifted my one leg up towards him.

“Oh yes, Mistress, how foolish of me!”

Stooping down in front of me he carefully supports my leg with his hand and starts to lick the sole of my shoe.  He then sucks on the heel of my stiletto heel until it is perfectly clean.  I then switch legs so he can do the same with the other shoe.  When this is complete, I notice he has a big bulge in his pants.  I stand up and push him over onto his back and place the toe of my shoe on his belly button.

I then lower the heel of my shoe onto his cock.

This caused him to get more excited.  His cock got bigger and started to pulsate inside of his pants.  I smiled at him and applied a little more pressure.  “Do you like this?  Does it turn you on?”

“Oh yes, Mistress!  Please may I be allowed to suck on more of your shoes?  I promise to clean them all very well.”  Removing my foot, I straddle him.  God I was so horny over the sheer power I had over him!

As I stood there I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter and I needed to get some release and soon!  “I will consider allowing you to clean my shoes, however first you must service me to my liking.”

“Anything you wish, Mistress.”

“I want you to slowly run your hands from my shoes up my legs and then remove my panties.  Take your time and make sure that I enjoy every second of it.”  His hands slowly caressed up the length of my legs started at my ankle and making there way up to my hips.  He  then slowly pulled my lacey little thong down to my ankles where I stepped out of it.

Immediately he put the crotch of my thong in his mouth and started to suck on it.

I walked over to the sofa and laid down swinging my legs up onto the sofa.  Crawling over on all fours he came up to

me and started running his hands up my legs again until he reached my crotch.  Separating my legs I threw one of them up over the back of the sofa while the other one dropped to the floor.

Picking up my leg, he stuck the heel of my shoe in his mouth and started sucking.

Then his mouth trailed up my leg to my wet, waiting pussy!  the first touch of his tongue was electrifying!  Shivers ran up my spine causing me to jerk and convulse.  Lapping at my pussy, he used his tongue in a very masterful way.  He sucked on my clit, licked my clit and stuck his tongue in my pussy.

He serviced me well!

Knowing all the right places and the right techniques was a big plus.  This guy was ready for me to be his Mistress in Heels.

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