Mile High Club – Sex With My Boyfriend In The Tram Car Part 2

That’s right, I wanted to fuck you right here, far above the ground. Before you could respond, I wrapped my arms around you and pressed my lips against yours. Our eyes closed and you leaned me against the panel of an actual wall inside the car. Our hands roamed and explored each other’s bodies hungrily.

My hands drifted down to your cock and I started rubbing you over your pants. I massaged your balls and I could feel your cock getting hard. Your hands groped my tits before reaching under my shirt and bra so that you could pinch my nipples.

I groaned as you played with my tits. Pulling down your zipper, I reached in and started stroking your cock. My fingers wrapped around you and you let out a sigh of pleasure. It had been so long since we felt our hands on each other. It had been too long and we needed this so badly. I had planned to have some personal time with you in a tent that night, but this was so much better. And, we could still have our hot sex later, too.

I pressed my hips against yours.

Your hand slid down my belly and slipped into my jeans. Without undoing the button, you found my clit. Considering how wet my pussy was, it didn’t take you very long. You took two fingers and dipped them inside me. I bucked my hips, riding your fingers. We locked eyes while we played with each other. Throughout this whole dance, we continued to kiss.

Your lips moved from mine and found first my cheek then my neck. I moaned while you kissed my neck  Growing impatient, I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to my ankles. We only had a little bit of time so I didn’t want to get completely undressed.

Taking the hint, you pulled my panties down to my knees and shoved your fingers harder inside me. I moaned out your name. But, just before I came, you stopped.

Instead, you spun me around so I could look out the glass wall of the tram car way up in the air. Using one hand, you spread my pussy lips apart and using the other, you guided your cock into my tight, dripping wet pussy.

I clutched the rail bar for support while the mountains slowly spun around me.

My hips pushed back into yours and we fucked in sync as we ascended the sandy landscape. My pussy clenched around your cock as you started to slowly, sensually fuck me. One of your hands gripped my right hip while the other rested on the arch of my back. Your hands felt so warm and steady amongst the spinning car.

You picked up your pace and thrust deeper into me. I screamed your name as I squirted all over your cock and your jeans. You were right behind me, cumming inside of me a few seconds later. I pressed my forehead against the glass as we both panted heavily. The car shook for the third and final time as we reached our last checkpoint.

Both of our cheeks were flushed with excitement as we hurried to make ourselves presentable. It was hard to hide the wet cum spot on your jeans, but you pulled your jacket closed just as the tram car docked on top of the mountain.

No way were we ever going to get a chance like that again. But, that made the experience much more exciting because of it. Besides, I can officially say I’m in the mile high club now.


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