Mile High Club – Sex With My Boyfriend In The Tram Car Part 1

To join the mile high club, you would only think of an airplane, right? Well, the Palm Springs Arial Tramway is the largest rotating tram in the world. It starts at 2,643 feet and ends at 8,516 feet so that’s at least a mile. It’s a 10-minute ride and the car rotates a full two times so you can see the Valley and the mountains all around you. It’s quite romantic, but it’s usually pretty crowded.

You flew in from out of state to come to see me. We had been planning this trip for weeks and we were almost at breaking point. We wanted to see each other and we were both feeling the effects of the lack of attention. So, for your first night here, I planned a surprise for you.

I picked you up from the airport, you got your bags situated in the saddlebags, and we rode off. Of course, we had a warm reception with lots of hugs and passionate kissing beforehand. Your arms wrapped around my waist as the road flew by. Slowly, we climbed the mountain, enjoying all its twists and turns of the road and enjoying the fresh air.

The look on your face when we took our helmets off made me smile. Reaching into my jeans pocket, I pulled out two tickets. “I made some reservations at Peaks instead of getting Ride N’ Dine tickets. I have such a good evening planned for us!”

Little did I know, we were going to have sex sooner than I thought.

We got through security and got our picture taken together. I told you we were absolutely going to be taking some home with us as a souvenir. But, when we got into the room to wait for the last car up, it was deserted. That was weird because it was always packed with people. Then again, it was a weekday and it wasn’t tourist season.

The car arrived and I took your hand. We walked into the circular car together and saw how high in the air we were going to be on the bulletin board. After a few minutes, the car took off with only the two of us and the car operator inside. He looked tired and he produced something that looked like a large makeshift cigarette. The tell-tale smell reached our noses.

“Hey, guys. It’s the last car of the night and you’re the only two in here. Do you mind? I’ve had a rough day and I need something to relax.”

Without even thinking, I said, “Sure, but only if you don’t mind us enjoying the ride anyway we want.” What can I say, I guess I had sex on the brain.

He agreed and I took your hand and led you behind the wall of the operating booth. We went to the railing inside the glass and looked down. Below us was a gorgeous view of the mountains and the valley below. You took a step back. When I asked what the matter was, you said you had a good enough view from where you were.

“Well, you know, I’d be more than happy to take your mind off of the heights,” I said it not to mock you, but to reassure you. “We should take advantage of this rare opportunity we have.”


To Be Continued…


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