Melolagnia – Sex and Music Part 2

Music goes hand in hand with sex for me, so Melolagnia seems completely natural.  I always have music in the background while I’m bumping and grinding. Feeling and moving with the beat as it runs through you. Then you add the pleasure you get from music with the pleasure of sex, I can’t imagine a better combination. 

There are a few different songs that just scream sex for me.

“Desire” by Meg Myers is one of those most intensely sexual songs I’ve heard in a long time. I hear it and right away my eyes close and my body’s moving. I start running my hands up and down my body. It feels like your hands on me. Sliding up my sides, through my hair, fingers against my scalp and you grab on. Pulling my head back as you grab me by my hip your mouth meeting mine, hard and hungry. I grind hard against you and your mouth slides to my ear nipping and licking all the way to my shoulder. My head falls back further and I push myself against you. My nipples hard against your chest and when your hand slides between my legs you feel the heat radiating from me. You can tell I’m wet. 

I’m teasing, grinding into you.

You pull me against you so I can feel your cock, pushing hard against the material of your pants and you hear me moan under my breath. You run your hands up my back and into my hair. They come back down the sides of my face and as they graze over my chest to my tits you notice the goosebumps covering my entire body as Meg sings, “Desire, I’m hungry. I hope you need me. How do you want me, how do you want me?”. This is the definition of Melolagnia,

I don’t think it’s possible to be anymore aroused by music.

You lay back on the bed as the song changes, The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games” starts playing and I climb on top of you. Sliding my wet pussy over your hard cock and you feel the head push against my tight opening. Pushing down on you to the beat of the song and you feel the head of your cock pop in and out of me. I continue to push my pussy down over you, stretching it a little more each time until I’m steadily sliding up and down your cock. 

The song changes to “Grind On Me” by Pretty Ricky. I’m grinding my pussy into you with the beat of the music burying you deeper and deeper inside of me.  Twisting my hips pushing you inside me harder I start moaning louder and louder. As the song picks up I’m bouncing up and down on your cock. I can’t hear the music anymore, I just feel the beat and I keep grinding into you hard as you watch my tits bounce. Fucking you with my pussy juices dripping down your balls, You feel me tighten as I start to orgasm slow stroking every last bit of cum out of your cock.

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