Meet King – Ariel’s first Submissive Experience – Part Two

The first time I got to Meet King was a night I will never forget. I’d never had a submissive experience before that night. Brock, or as I would soon come to better know him, King, was definitely dominant, and I had every desire to be his submissive. I just had no intention of letting him know he’d be my first dominant. 

I continued to flirt with King throughout the night. Teasing him incessantly. It was getting close to closing time and Lori and Tanner were ready to leave when I got called up for my song. They were my ride so I figured they’d wait, but when I finished they were gone and King walked up to me.

“Thought you said I wasn’t going to be taking you home unless it was in my dreams?” 

“Where did Lori and Tanner go?” I ask, nervously scanning the room. “They were supposed to be my ride.” 

“Lori asked if I could give you a ride since you’re on my way.” He tells me as he grabs my stuff and leads me out. When we get to his car I rattle off my address not realizing he isn’t going to my house until we’re pulling into a driveway.

“Where are we?” I say with my brattiest voice possible.  “This isn’t my apartment. You passed me a while back.” I quickly realize he never planned on taking me home as he parks and climbs out. Walking around he opens my door and puts his hand out for mine.  I let him lead me out knowing it would be pointless to struggle. The brat didn’t want to let him realize I was going to allow him to dominate me though. 

“Did you need to stop and get something before you take me home?” I question, wearing a devious smile.

He spins on me, his hand slides into my hair against my scalp and his fingers curl, gripping at the roots. Now with full control of my head, he slowly pulls back till I’m looking up at him. 

“You need to learn your place Princess, how to mind that mouth,” he says in a low growl. “I think it’s time to teach you a lesson.”

Pushing me to my knees I feel moisture dampen my inner thighs. He pulls his cock out and puts it right in front of me. I can’t help it, my tongue flicks out licking off the shimmer of precum on the head.

“Fuuuuccccckkk!” He draws out in a much deeper rumble. “I need you, Princess!”

Pulling me to my feet he turns me around bending me over a workbench where we made it to in his garage. He lifts my skirt and his hand sharply meets my ass and a loud cry escapes my mouth. His dominant side taking over His fingertips graze gently over my pussy lips through the thin material of my panties. 

“Princess, I’m going to make you mine.” He half asks, half tells me and I nod. “Meet King.” He says.

“Yes please King.” I moan out as my submissive side takes over. “Make me yours.” 

The moment yes comes out he has the crotch of my pink thong pulled aside. As ‘make me yours’ is escaping my lips his cock is sliding deep between my other lips. I cry out bracing myself against the workbench as he grabs me by my hair again. Showing me how dominant he truly is he begins to fuck me hard. 

I quickly come to orgasm and as I cry out my pussy clenches around his throbbing cock. Feeling his balls tighten I push myself back onto him hard, burying his cock deep inside me. I tighten around him as the orgasm crashes through me and feel his cock pulse as he fills me with his warm thick load.  

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