Meet King – Ariel’s first Submissive Experience – Part One

I was spending the night out with my friend Lori and her husband Tanner. We ended up at a little hole-in-the-wall karaoke bar I used to go to when I lived in the suburbs. Since I’d never done karaoke before I was pretty nervous. Deciding to partake in a little liquid courage to boost my confidence I made my way to the bar. That was my first time to Meet King. 

It was still pretty early in the night but we were all singing and dancing. We always had so much fun joking around and giving each other a hard time. I was feeling pretty feisty that night because of it. So, when Lori introduced me to her friend Brock, or “King” as she also referred to him, the sarcastic brat in me was going full force. 

“Hey there handsome, you gonna take me home tonight?” I say smirking at him.

Lori just starts laughing and pats him on the shoulder, “good luck with that one,” she says. “You’re on your own with her, and if you couldn’t already tell she’s a handful.”

Brock looks me up and down. “Looks like she would be a very nice handful if you ask me, even if she is a bit of a brat.” He winks and kisses Lori on the cheek before she walks away.

“Ok, points for that. I don’t blush easily.” I say trying to hide my bright red face. 

“I plan on making a lot more than your face red before the end of the night.” I see a glint in his eyes. I had no idea how submissive I really was,  but right away I feel my pussy clench as the wetness pools in my pretty little hot pink thong.  Without realizing it I squeeze my thighs together to satiate the emptiness between my legs. Of course, he notices.

“I bet that pretty pink pussy is likely already swollen with the excitement of what’s to come.”

His eyes sparkle a little more deviously as he drags his fingers up my bare leg from the top of my stockings to the hem of my short dress. My thighs tighten again and it sends a jolt through my entire body. Goosebumps cover my body. I swat his hand away and grab my drink.

Looking him in the eyes my brat comes back out. I flash a wildly flirtatious smile and tell him, “Oh sweetheart, I was just trying to get a rise out of you. The only place you’ll be taking me home with you is in your dreams.” I winked and blew him a kiss as I turned around and went to strut off, but his hand on my arm stopped me. 

It was like a lightning bolt full of electricity surging through every inch of my body. His hand barely grazed my arm, yet still caused a fire full of need to ignite inside me. The submissive in me sparked this desire for him, and I could tell I wasn’t going to extinguish this need easily. Then he looked at me and said….

“Princess, Meet King. He doesn’t come out often, but your sassy attitude sure seems to lure him from his tower.”

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