Must have been his first time talking to a hottie like me. Everything within me wanted to drop down to my knees and see that big dick. I could practically see it quivering in his pants as he shyly checked me out. But not just yet, I thought to myself, I needed him to do me a huge favor first. So, I bent over and flashed him my perky, big ass and asked if he could help me slide down my bloomers. His jaw damn near slammed the floor. I bet he never thought a mean girl cheerleader like me would even talk to him! Let alone ask him to do this. I was so horny, my naughty mouth was getting ahead of me! And like a good little nerd, he slid down my bloomers and let out a gasp when he saw my bare pink pussy! I never wear anything under my bloomers. Right there, in the middle of the hall, I told him to pull his cock out if he wanted to touch and not just look. Sure enough, he took a big gulp and then whipped out his rock-hard cock and I was so surprised.

I wanted him to lick and suck on my juicy mean girl cheerleader pussy right there in the hallway!

And sure enough, this nerd went to town. With my bloomers around my ankles, he started licking my sweet little clit! His tongue explored me until I was weak in the knees! Who knew a nerd could be so talented. He slurped on my pussy until I squirted all over his face in the hallway. It was then that I decided to fill my end of the bargain. b I dropped to my knees and began deepthroating his fat cock! My pussy dripped so much, I leaned up against the fountain and let him ram his thick cock inside my tight slit. He fucked me so hard and good. I loved having him stretch out my holes in the middle of the corridor! He filled my needs and I was lucky to be his hardcore teen slave for the moment. He made sure to fill up all my holes with a thick shot of cum. I plunged it out of my fucking cunnie with my fingers and licked it all up! Maybe I’ll meet him again same time, same place tomorrow. Maybe I’m not such a mean girl cheerleader!


Do you want to play with a hot and horny teen slut like me? I am ready to be your naughty fuck slut too! I want this upcoming new year to be my filthiest yet. Give me a call and I’ll have you cumming so hard! Join me for the hottest phone sex! Make sure to check out part 1 for the rest of the story! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog. 

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