I have a reputation for being the bitchy mean girl cheerleader! For hot girls like me, I get what I want. And I do what I want. Not only am I the hottest cheerleader, I am also the bitchiest. Fortunately for me, being the slutty mean girl cheerleader has so, so many perks! Like I said, I get to do whatever I want and whoever I want. No one is off limits to me. My biggest obstacle is choosing who I fuck on the weekends. I’m quite the busy bee. And as long as I get my perfectly pink cunt filled with cum, I don’t care what I have to do to get it. For me, there are no limits. The wild side is a place I always like to explore. And I do whatever I want to get what I want. The attention is really nice too.  It makes me so wet knowing that every single guy and professor stares at my ass and tits in my short, tight cheer uniform.

I get a thrill just bending over in lectures and flashing everyone my fuck holes. 

In the hallways everyone practically fucking drools all over the damn floor when I walk by, even the staff and administrators. The sense of power I feel is so intense. It doesn’t take much to get a quick orgasm in between classes. All I need to do is pluck someone from the corridors, dining hall, courtyard, or rotunda. Anywhere really. There are always willing participants when it comes to a mean girl cheerleader like me! No one has the guts to deny me. Why would they? My pussy is the best around and everyone wants a taste! It drives them all wild. Which is precisely why I love to wear short skirts. Show and tell was always my favorite part of the day. Regardless, I always quench my thirst. I was feeling especially horny this afternoon. So I decided to ditch my boring science lecture and find a nice thick cock to get me off. 

Naturally, I shot the prof a wink and just sauntered right out! 

I drifted through deserted hallway after deserted hallway hoping to find a nice cock to play with. That is when I spotted this pitiful nerd standing by the water fountain. Normally, a mean girl cheerleader like me would ignore him or shove him out of the way. I’m way too hot for a dork like him. His hair was a mess and his glasses were thick, I guess he could be cute with some work. But his bulge is what really caught my eye and I made a beeline towards him. I have to admit, I was impressed. He seemed to be packing! I stood right in front of him with my hands clasped gingerly behind my back and asked him what he was doing. He seemed incredibly taken aback by this interaction and I flashed him my flirtiest smile in response. His eyes darted down and he nervously told me that he was just headed back to class. I could tell that he was so nervous talking to me. 


Do you want to play with a hot and horny teen slut like me? I am ready to be your naughty fuck slut too! I want this upcoming new year to be my filthiest yet. Give me a call and I’ll have you cumming so hard! Join me for the hottest phone sex! Make sure to check out part 2 for the rest of the story! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog. 

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