During my masturbation I let my finger travel over to his asshole, and start to play with it.

His asshole puckers and then relaxes as I slowly insert my finger.  It is so tight and feels so good.  He is so turned on at this point he starts to loose control. He is fucking my face and his cock is jerking. His hips are thrusting and causing me to gag and choke on his cock!  It is at that moment when he looses it and explodes in my mouth!  He tastes so good!  His cum is running down my chin and onto my tits!

Now it is my turn to get fucked!

I stand up and slowly strip out of my clothes very seductively.  He is watching the whole time.  Once I have all my clothes off I start to run my hands up and down my body, over my tits, squeezing the nipples a bit.  I then run my hands down my body to my stomach and then on down to my pussy!

My pussy is so wet right now almost to the point of dripping!  Running my finger down between my pussy lips I feel the silky smoothness of myself.  I throw my head back as I insert a finger into my pussy, my masturbation in front of this guy turns me on.  He is watching me so intently he does not even realize that I slipped onto the bed and was lying down with my knees bent and my feet up exposing myself to him.  Dropping my legs open I lifted my hand and crooked my finger at him to come and join me.

His cock is rock hard again and throbbing.

I couldn’t wait for him to thrust his big hard cock into my willing wet pussy!  I needed to feel that big cock inside of me throbbing and jerking! Nothing else would satisfy the urges that I have building in me.  As he kneels between my open legs, I feel the head of his cock against my pussy!  Yes, Oh God Yes!  I need to feel him inside of me but still he holds back!

Teasing me he grabs ahold of his cock and starts to rub it up and down on my pussy.  This is such a sweet torture, I can hardly stand it!  Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, he thrusts his cock into me with such force I scream out!  He pulls back only to thrust it in again!  This continues and continued!  The fire was building and building I was so close to exploding when he pulled out the whole way and then grabbed his cock and started Jerking it off.  He shot his load all over my pussy lips with such force that it caused me to explode right after him.

I actually squirted all over him hitting him in the stomach with my forceful explosion!

It was at that point that I realized I was alone in my bed finger fucking myself to the point of female ejaculation!  Normally I do not squirt but my fantasies of being with a guy again when this is over were so strong, well you know the rest of it!  So I guess until this quarantine is over there is going to be a whole lot more masturbation going on!

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