Masturbation, That is the only way to get through these tough times!

Everyone is in quarantine, So what is a gal to do when she gets horny?  Masturbation!  Oh yes, there are so many different ways to satisfy yourself!  It is the second week of quarantine for my area.  Everyone is afraid of getting too close to another person so the only way to satisfy yourself is by, you guessed it, self sanctification.

Everyone knows how to masturbate, but you have to add variety so you don’t get bored.

I am so thankful that I invested in the ultimate sex toy, a Sybian!  At the time I bought it, I thought it would be fun to have Sybian parties with my girlfriends, but now I am glad I have it for myself during this time of quarantine.  I love to get my Sybian out and ride it like I would a guy.  You just pick the size penis you want and attach it to the machine and go to town!

As I am riding my Sybian I envision I am riding a guys rock hard cock!

I long for the feel of his hands coming around to squeeze my tits as I ride his cock and squeeze my pussy lips around it.  Using my muscles I milk that cock, riding it, bouncing on it and gyrating  on it until I feel that familiar feeling down deep in my core!  It keeps building and building until I know there will be no stopping it! This is what masturbation is all about.

The tidal wave comes as I explode with an orgasm that leaves me panting!

As  I lie in my bed, paging through yet another magazine, I start to daydream about being with a guy again, a real living guy with a rock hard cock.  As I continue thinking about it, I start to dream about what all I would like to do.

I would start out, by kissing, I love kissing!  As we are kissing I would slowly run my hands down his shirt front unbuttoning as I go.  Slowly I would slide the shirt off of his muscular shoulders and allow it to drop to the floor.  Running my hands up and down his chest and over his back, I start to feel the heat building between us.  I reach down and undo his pants and slide them down over his hips.  God he has a nice ass!  I feel his cock jerk.

His cock is growing, and my pussy is getting moist.

Slowly I drop down to my knees as I plant kisses down his neck to his shoulders and down his chest as I go.  When I reach his belly button, my tongue darts in and out of it.  I reach out and hook my thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and slowly pull them down freeing his hard cock.  I touch it with just one finger feeling how smooth the head is.  It jerks in response and a small drop appears on the head.

Quickly my tongue reaches out and licks it off, causing another jerk in response.

My tongue slowly circles the head of his penis as my hand reaches down to cup his balls.  Slowly I start to massage and knead them, they are very tight!  My mouth then descends upon the head of his cock and slips down over the head.  I start to suck and lick and pull his cock into my mouth.  It is so hard and yet so smooth.  I love the taste I am getting, his pre-cum.

I have my lips wrapped around it and I am sucking on his cock and every once in a while I go down to deep throat him then back up to just the head.  Throwing my head back as I insert my finger into my pussy.  Continuing this for a little while my hands wonder around to squeeze his ass.  I start to massage his ass cheeks all the while I am sucking on his cock.

Want to find out what happens make sure you come back on Sunday to read part 2 of MASTURBATION DOING QUARANTINE TIME.

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