Massage with a happy ending!

We looked each other in the eyes and he gave me a little smirk. He spread my legs nice and wide and helped himself to taste. His warm wet tongue on my clit turned me on so much. This is exactly what my body needed. A relaxing massage and an orgasm! He kept licking until he saw my cum pour out my tight little hole. He told me to get back on my stomach and I obeyed. At this point, the towel that was supposed to be covering my body was on the floor.

He continued to massage my lower back with one hand and finger me from behind with the other. I was drenched in oil and my skin was smooth and slippery, I came again and that’s when I heard his pants unzip.

I was so ready to feel his cock inside me.

He walked around to the front of the table where my face was and stuck his cock in my mouth. He fucked my throat and let me choke and gag on it. His cock tasted so good! Then, he pulled his cock out of my throat and went behind me again. I felt his cock push into my pussy and he started ramming it deep inside of me. His cock was nice and thick and feeling it inside of me was amazing. His hand wrapped around me and he started playing with my clit while pounding my pussy. I felt his cock twitch a little bit and before I knew it my pussy was filled with his cum but he wasn’t done yet.

He rubbed some of his own cum on his cock and quickly pushed himself into my asshole. It was so unbelievably hard to be quiet during all of this. My body was overflowing with pleasure! His hand left my clit and wrapped around my neck instead. Being choked and fucked in the ass is a big weakness of mine and I instantly came so fucking hard.

I felt my cum leaking out of me.

He pulled his cock out and I felt my ass leaking with even more cum. I was such a cum filled mess but he knew how to clean it up! His face went right back between my legs and I felt his tongue cleaning the cum off my body. He was really good with pussy massages, if you know what I mean!

After he cleaned up our mess with his tongue, he finished up my massage with the occasional tease. My body was so absolutely relaxed and what was supposed to only be an hour had turned to almost two hours of just massaging and fucking! Since then, that’s the only spa I have attended for my spa days and he is the only masseuse I schedule with!


Part two

Did you enjoy my Massage With A Happy Ending? Maybe you’d like to hear my audio! Or, maybe you’d rather read about a Sweet Cock Sundae!

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