I got a massage with a happy ending!

I had a spa day planned for myself for quite some time. At the time, I was working nonstop at the office with ten to twelve hour shifts nearly every single day. Needless to say, I was exhausted and deserved a spa day. The whole day was planned out perfectly. I had a nail appointment, facial massage, seaweed wrap, and a body massage all scheduled for this one day. After my nail appointment, I headed to the spa.

They had me sign in and gave me a soft warm towel and a robe. I was led to the changing room where I was able to put all of my belongings in a little locker. I quickly changed into my robe and locked my things away. Then, I helped myself to some strawberry mint infused water and sat in the sauna until they were ready for me. I felt the sweat bead up on my skin but it felt so refreshing. I was so excited for my massage, I hadn’t spoiled myself like that in so long and my body was craving it!

Next, my facial tech came in and showed me to my room.

I laid on the cushioned table, the lights were low and the room smelled like lavender. She explained I would be in my seaweed wrap during my facial since both the wrap and facial take about an hour. So, she wrapped me up and I could feel my skin being re-hydrated. I nearly fell asleep during my facial massage but by the time it was over, my skin was glowing! 

Finally, it was time for my body massage. I stayed in the same room as before, laying face down on the massage table. Then, I heard the door open. My masseuse introduced himself and turned on some calming music. I felt his hands covered in massage oil as he worked the muscles in my shoulders. He slowly worked his way down my back and to my butt. His fingers kept getting closer and closer to my pussy.

It was like he wanted to tease me.

He moved down to my thighs and his hands were still getting curiously close and I couldn’t help but be turned on. I thought it was all in my head until he told me to flip over onto my back. I did as I was told and he continued wot massage my legs. His fingers inched closer and closer. I was getting so wet and he wasn’t even touching my pussy! Then suddenly, I felt his finger graze my hairless pussy and he must’ve heard my change in breath because he did it again and again until I felt his finger go right inside of me. We looked each other in the eyes and he gave me a little smirk. 


Part one

Want to know how happy the end gets? Stay tuned! Part two will be out on Saturday! Or, if you can’t wait, check out my audio! You might also enjoy reading my Sweet Cock Sundae blog!

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