Hi, guys! This is my third blog! I’m so excited! This is part one of my sexcapade with a married man~ I hope you enjoy it!

Married Man Has a Sexcapade With A Cutie- Part 1


You’ve never been the type to be led astray. Obviously, it’s because you’re a married man. Of course, you’re a do-gooder and a devout Christian male. Appearing perfect on paper, but there’s so much more going on inside that lewd head of yours. You’ve grown tired of the life you’ve lived. Working day and night to provide for your family, exhausted and sexually frustrated. 


Disappointingly, the sex between you and your wife has gone stale after being together for 15 years. You want to try something new, but not something, SOMEONE. That someone is me. I’m Ember, the young lady who’s been babysitting your children for 5 years. They absolutely adore me. I think they prefer my company over the time and affection with the woman who gave birth to them.


Your wife has thrown me the stink eye a few times before. She knows that there must be something going on between us because of the glances you throw my way every now and then. Definitely, she’s the one who should be ashamed. If she put more effort into her looks, then your eyes wouldn’t wander to my beautiful face and gorgeous coke bottle figure. She’s grown complacent, and you’re tired of it. Don’t worry. I’m about to make your entire year. 

In fact, one day, you decide to invite me on your work trip.


Your company gave you the option of letting a friend or a spouse tag along. Of course, you lied to your wife and said they didn’t allow anyone to tag along, that it was strictly for work. She seemed dejected when you broke the fake news to her. 


“Don’t worry, dear. I’ll be back soon. Take care of the kids while I’m gone.”, you said in a voice laced with sweet honey. You placed a kiss on her forehead and another on her lips. Who knew that those same lips you used to kiss your wife would be used to kiss me, your sidechick? Certainly not your wife!


“Okay, sweetie. I trust you.”, she replied. 


Your poor, naïve and sweet wife. She has no idea what’s about to happen. After all, her husband of 15 years is about to fuck the help. Obviously, she won’t find out. I trust that you’ll keep your handsome mouth shut for us! If you want to keep fucking me, then you won’t say anything.

The day of your work trip arrives.


I have my hair done up in two braids. I’m wearing white cut off shorts with a pink tube top. I’ve got the red heart shaped sunglasses on. Light tan sandals are my choice of footwear. You chose to wear light gray shorts and a simple white shirt. 


“Are you ready to have fun?” I ask you. Notably, you give a quick nod, take me by the hand, and lead me to your car. All of our stuff is already packed. You sit in the driver’s side and I make myself comfortable in the passenger seat. 


You start to drive off, but an idea pops into my cute little head.


I know what to do now. Suddenly, a mischievous smirk appears across my face. I reach over and begin to rub the area between your legs. You jerk in surprise. 


“E-Ember, I’m trying to focus on driving! Can’t it wait?” You stammer. 


“Nope! It can’t!” I giggle. I continue to knead my hand against your crotch until you become fully erect. I can’t help myself and decide to unbutton and unzip your pants. There it is, fleshy, hard, and warm. “Does your wife ever suck your cock? Does she give you blowjobs?” I ask you. 


“I always ask her for one, but she says no every single time. I wish she would. It’s been so long since I’ve been given a blowjob, far too long.” You say. 

“But you’re a married man! How could she?”


I smirk, then giggle. Quickly, I lower my face down. You can feel my hot breath near the head of your cock. I stick my tongue out and trace it along the ridge of the head. 

“Ah, fuck! That feels amazing…” You groan. Your precum begins to ooze out of the tip, and I lap up all of it. A mixture of sweet and salty fills my mouth. Delicious! So this is what a married man tastes like? I want more, I need more. Hurriedly, I take you all the way into my mouth, slightly gagging as I do. You thrust upward and begin to fuck my mouth slowly. 


“Ember, I want to fuck you so badly.” You moan. “Let me pull over and find some place more private.” Eventually, you come across a wooded area by the highway. You get out and then open my door for me. Swiftly, you grab my arm and direct me to a tree where no cars can see us from any angle. Of course, I’m excited that a married man is about to fuck my cunt. Who wouldn’t be? 


Things are about to get even spicier in part 2 of my sexcapade with a married man~ If you don’t want to wait, then you can listen to my audio  with even more descriptive details!

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