Hi! Welcome back to part two of my erotic blog with a married man~ Enjoy! If you missed part 1, then you can go here to read it!

Married Man Has a Sexcapade With a Cutie – Part 2


You turn me around and brace my arms against the tree. “Sorry, Ember. I really need this…” Of course, you don’t give me time to respond. You yank my shorts down along with my pink thong. You thrust all thick 9 inches of your cock into my tight wet hole. It feels hot and wrong, the fact that you’re a married men, and your thick member is inside of my tight hole.


“Ah! Slow down!” I urge you. I didn’t expect you to be THAT BIG. 


“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. You’re just so fucking sexy. Definitely better AND tighter than my wife.” You grin as you begin to slide in and out of me, slowly this time. Your hands creep upward until they reach my perky round breasts, you then squeeze them gently. You place your pointer finger and thumb around my nipples, pinching them until I let out a few soft moans. 


My body quivers in response to your touch, and every time you thrust fully into my tight cunt.


Who knew I would enjoy being your mistress so much? It’s so taboo that you’re a married man, and you’re inside of me! I know that it’s so wrong, but it just feels right, like this is what I was meant to do. 


“Harder!” I utter between gasping moans. I squeeze my pussy around your cock, hoping it’ll make you want to be rougher with my tight body. 


Quickly, you slide out of me. I’m then left wondering why you pulled out, but before I can ask, you swiftly turn me around and lift me up in the air. You grip both of my ass cheeks then thrust upward into my wet slit. 


“Squeeze my cock again.”


You breathe heavily into my ear. I do as you command. This time, I squeeze so hard that my pussy has a vice-like grip around your cock. That sends you right over the edge. “Oh, fuck! I’m about to cum! Do you want it inside you?” you ask. 


“I do. This way, your wife will eventually know that I belong to you. It’s so hot that I’m fucking YOU, a married man!” I say. Suddenly, I feel your thick load oozing into me. You let your cock rest inside of me for a few minutes before we both get dressed. We don’t say anything to one another on the drive to the hotel, but I know that we’re going to have so much more fun later~ I smile, knowing that what we’ve done is forbidden, but I’m enjoying it too much~ 

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