A male chastity device is probably the first word on your search history list. You have been looking up what it means to be a submissive pet to a beautiful Goddess. Now that you have seen my perfection, you can’t resist your urges anymore. You must purchase one and get yourself locked up.

You must submit to me and lock your sissy cock in a male chastity device.

Your little boy clitty belongs in a male chastity device. When you look at me, you know that I must be the one who holds the key to your freedom. My body will mesmerize you into picking up the phone. Your cock will twitch more and more with every ring. The anticipation of submitting to me is almost too much for you to handle.

Hearing my voice will send you over the edge into complete submission and sexual abstention.

Hearing your name come out of the mouth of such a Goddess will turn you into a pliable plaything for me to mold into the perfect submissive boy. You’ll have your male chastity device ready for me to lock you away. Sexual abstention is the best way to prove your commitment to me.

Your pathetic cock belongs to me now.

Once you experience the majesty of being in my presence you will know what it means to be obedient. You’ll find yourself hanging off my every word. Each syllable sending you deeper and deeper under my spell.

Once you’re locked in your male chastity device, there is no escape from my control.

You may have thought you were a man, seeing me makes you think otherwise. I will teach you differently. You are nothing but a sad little boy who needs his Mistress to think for him. You have always known deep down what you are. Allow me to show you.

I will own your mind, body, and soul.

There will be no touching that little clit dick again. My submissive bitch must ask me for the key to your male chastity device that I keep dangling around my neck.

You love knowing that your manhood is trapped by such a Queen.

Beg for release from your sexual abstention. Send me your life savings hoping to please me enough for just a few minutes out fo your cage. There will be no mercy for little dick losers. But you have the hunger inside you to please me and to serve me. You can not ever resist me.

Any task given to you is answered with a, “yes, Mistress.”

Your male chastity device tucked away inside your sissy boy panties will remind you every day of what you truly are. My submissive little pet. Giving into me is more than a dark and deep desire, it’s a need. You feel it when you look at me. From your eyes straight to your tiny clitty. You feel it swell up and you know that you are already mine.

Come and kneel before your Queen.

You will beg for more tasks, more assignments, and more ways to show me your worth. There is no limit to the humiliation and embarrassment you will put yourself through for your Goddess. However, even if you beg for mercy the entire time, you know that this is ultimately what you deserve.

Get in your rightful place at my feet.

Serve Jenna King



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