Making Love – A Sensual Girlfriend Experience – Part 2

Making love is a very intimate experience.

My body shuddered as I came, however, I knew he wasn’t done with me yet. He took my hands in his and we interlaced our fingers. Then he came back up to kiss me. I could taste my cum in his mouth and it was so erotic. His kiss was so passionate and deep that it made every cell in my body hunger for him.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he laid on top of me, our hands palm to palm. His entire body felt warm and his breathing became heavier. He was laying so close to me that I could feel his heartbeat against mine.

His eyes peered into mine with an intense passion.

My pussy was already so dripping wet that when he slid his rock hard cock into me it went all the way in. His eyes never left mine as he started rocking his hips in and out. My breath (just shy of panting) matched his.

The sensual rhythm of his strokes was almost enough to make me cum. However, when he moved my legs up to his shoulders, he got a deeper angle. It hit my g-spot perfectly. I threw my head back and arched my back. While my pussy tightened around him and I came, I called out his name.

I buried my head in his neck with my ear so close to his lips. His breathing became more intense and full of passion.

Then, he picked up his rhythm.

I could feel it in every muscle in my lower belly and they responded by tightening. My moans grew louder and louder as he made love to me. He started nibbling my earlobe and neck while he pounded me.

Despite the fact that his strokes got faster, our sex was still oh so very sensual. It made my eyes roll to the back of my head as I came over and over. My juices soaked the bedsheets and the room smelled of sex.

His cock throbbed inside me as he got closer to cumming.

He gritted his teeth and my name came out as a moan. It was so erotic to hear. Then, he came. His cock pulsed and I could feel the warm cum shoot deep into my pussy.

See? It doesn’t always have to be kinky, taboo, or extreme to have a great time. It’s all about the connection and mutual passion and satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, kinks and fetishes are still fun to experiment with. However, I can still enjoy some sensual love-making.

So, whether you’re a fetishist or you want to have some sensual personal time, I’m all about it. The bottom line is getting you off gets me off and that’s a win-win situation.


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