Making Love – A Sensual Girlfriend Experience – Part 1

Making love is something I don’t talk much about and I’ve realized it’s kind of a shame. Yes, I love all the kinky fetish fun, however, I do have a softer, more sensual side too. Now it’s time I expressed it better.

When you’re with the right person, it doesn’t have to be about the toys, the kink, and the public craziness. Now, I’m not saying all that stuff isn’t fun, but the right person can make vanilla sex feel like an adrenaline shot.

This is for you, the right person.

We were just hanging out in bed one night talking and laughing. It had been a long time since we’d seen each other last and it felt like heaven. I loved the way he held me close and the feeling of his warm hands made me tingle.

Whenever he spoke, I felt his hot breath against my ear. His voice was deep and slow. It was so hypnotic and rhythmic that it gave me a trance-like experience.

My head rested against his shoulder and his arms were wrapped around me. I could look right into his eyes while he spoke. My heart raced whenever he smiled because I knew I was his girlfriend.

That was part of what made our time together so special.

It didn’t take long before I felt him get hard against my lower belly. I wanted him, but it wouldn’t be just having sex. It would be making love.

He pressed himself against me and held me a little tighter. We smiled at each other, leaning closer together. At first, our lips only lightly brushed but then it turned into a deep, passionate kiss. He tasted like pre-sex desire.

His hands roamed my back and he ran his fingers through my hair. My hands cupped his face as we began making out. Our tongues explored every inch of each others’ mouths. My eyes closed so that I could experience the kiss and feel its’ intensity.

I wrapped my legs around him because I felt my pussy getting wet.

We pulled away from each other and he slid my panties off so gently. He came back up and gave me another loving kiss before kissing my neck. His mouth moved all the way down to the middle of my tits, down my belly, and right between my legs.

At that point, my pussy was so wet I could barely feel the wetness of his mouth. I did, however, feel his tongue stroking my lips. They parted for him like curtains and I was so ready for an orgasmic experience.

The tip of his tongue soon found my clit and I tilted my head back. It flicked up and down and my hips rocked back and forth. He always gave the best oral sex. I moaned loudly and I called out his name when I came in his mouth.

We weren’t done. Not by a long shot.


To Be Continued…


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