Maid for Submission – Part Two

The next week went by like a blur; I spent my time at Mr. Wolfe’s house trying to be as professional a maid as I could while going home with a soaking pussy every day. After I got home, I’d spend hours fantasizing about how he could man-handle me and have me please him in the most deliciously sinful ways. I imagined his cock, so clearly, I could almost taste the pre-cum. If only this man knew what effect he really has on me, I think he would take his sweet time teasing me and making me wait for everything I crave. After I orgasmed a few times before bed, I finally fell asleep.

The next morning I arrived at Mr. Wolfe’s house a little earlier than I normally would.

Listen to me, as if there is anything normal about this job… I just laughed at the thought of “normal.” I walked into the house. “Good morning Mr. Wolf. I’ll get started on making the bed just as soon as I change my clothes.” I quickly ran into the guest room and slipped into my maid work lingerie. Who the hell has work lingerie except for a hooker? Once dressed, I made my way to the master bedroom to change the linens and make the bed. I leaned over the bed, tucking in the sheets, when I was suddenly realized I wasn’t alone in the room.

I expected to see Mr. Wolfe standing there in his costly business casual attire, but to my surprise, he was only wearing a towel and a smile. I couldn’t believe me, the maid, was standing in this man’s bedroom, practically naked, with him basically naked. It was one of those moments where if the earth could have swallowed me whole, I’d have been thankful. “Good morning, young lady.” How does this man make my pussy ache by calling me young lady?

“Mr. Wolfe, I am sorry. I thought you’d be in your office.” I was mortified!

“Gabby, I don’t mind. Things like nudity don’t make me uncomfortable.” He looked delicious in that towel. I could already sense I’d be playing with myself tonight thinking about this. “Gabby, Last night I went to the guest room to add some new items I purchased for you to wear… I just cannot help but notice something you’ve been getting aroused at work. Is there something you’d like to share with me? Perhaps what it is ” I suddenly couldn’t speak.

I wanted to lie, say no, and by the way, why are you looking at my used panties? But I couldn’t, I just wanted to say the truth. God, I had to be the horniest maid in town! “Yes, sir. I don’t know how.” He walked me over to the loveseat in his bedroom and said to be honest about how I’ve been feeling… So, I told him the truth.  I explained my attraction to him, how excited it made me wear lingerie for him, how I went home each night so turned on I couldn’t think.

Each word fell from my lips like a dirty confession.

I could feel his eyes on me, and my nipples got hard. It was hard for me to admit wanted him, and I finally admitted it. I finally got the courage to look at his eyes. “Gabby, I have been attracted to you for a long time, and I knew you had to be the one to choose this. I think of you as a lot more than my maid. I could see the submissive in you, and everything about you tells me you are the right one for me. But I knew you would never submit to me if I asked you to; this was a choice you needed to make for yourself.

Now, I can show you what happens when you submit to a dominant and all the rewards that come with it.
This was the beginning of my introduction to the world of BDSM. Every day I learn something new about myself and my submissive side. I am never more in my element than when I am submitting to Mr. Wolfe. That’s the unexpected part of submission; it has been the most liberating adventure of my short life.
What has liberated you? I would love to hear all about it.

I hope you enjoyed Maid for Submission Part 2. Cum back Wednesday for my next naughty story! If you missed part one of my blog and want to hear the full story uninterrupted, you cand find my audio blog here

I know you love hearing about my naughty adventures, but I think you’ll also love hearing about Aria’s!


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