Maid for Submission – Part One

I sat in disbelief at the end of the craziest day of my life. Did I seriously agree to do this, or am I having the weirdest dream ever? Just this morning, I arrived at Mr. Wolf’s home prepared to do the typical dusting, dishes, and laundry required of me. Being a maid is not glamorous, but it pays well and has a flexible schedule. Despite my expectations, that is not how my day went. Mr. Wolf was incredibly sexy and with a subtle authority about him. When he opened the door, I felt as if his piercing eyes could see through my clothes. I’ve never felt so naked while remaining fully clothed in my life!

At first, Mr. Wolf discussed my salary and how he preferred to pay me directly rather than go through the agency (what did I care? It meant more money in my pocket). Then he had me sign a non-disclosure agreement and a workplace dress code policy. He had certain maids’ requirements in this house, and he insisted I refrain from wearing typical clothing while in his home. I was to carry out my duties wearing lingerie he specifically chose for me in a manner he dictated. I’m sure other women would have turned around and left, not even bothered to close the door, but not me, was intrigued. Something in his eyes made me instantly wet, what is wrong with me?!

My mind filled with images of him bending me over the kitchen counter and spanking my tight ass.

I could feel my pussy getting wet just at the idea of this man whispering in my ear how he was going to take my body and make me cum over and over again – on his command. “Have you ever worked as a maid before?” His question snapped me back to reality. I explained I had experience working as a maid, though no one ever asked me to do it in lingerie before. We both laughed, me nervously. He was insanely sexy and probably could have any woman he wanted. Why did he want a maid to work in lingerie? It didn’t make sense to me, but does it really matter when you’re making $1,000 a week as a maid? 

The real question was, how in the hell was I going to do this job and hide how wet he made me? Everything about this man drove me crazy; his body, those sexy eyes, and that insanely hard cock I could see poking through his pants. Once all the papers were signed, I made my way to the guest room to change into my uniform. I was practically tingling when I saw my reflection in the mirror. All I could do was think of his body and strong hands touching me. There is something so intoxicating about the idea of submitting to this man. Submission was a new thing to me, but could I do this? Snap out of it! I told myself. I had to be professional, or did I?

I hope you enjoyed part one of Maid for Submission. Check back for part two on Sunday. If you cannot wait to hear how the story ends, you can purchase my audio blog!

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