Loving Death, Lexi’s dark erotic fantasy part two

Finally, after all these years of loving Death, I was going to get to show him. It was fairly obvious he had no clue what was going on, but he was pliant. When his hand cupped my breast, his thumb slowly brushed over my nipple and I felt a zing of pleasure shoot down my spine. Somehow his naïveté made the whole experience even better, knowing I must be his first.

I left his hand on my breast and reached forward to tug him closer, pulling at his waist. He easily stepped closer, but I needed more. “Climb into bed with me please, position so that you’re on top of me.” My voice still a whisper so that I don’t wake my parent’s. Slowly he kicks his shoes off and then climbs into the bed with me, crawling over until he was on his hands and knees, caging me beneath him.

My heart was beating a mile a minute, but I kept moving forward. I lifted my hand to wrap around the back of his neck and pulled him down until his lips met mine. The moment our lips touched I saw stars on the backs of my eyelids and it was like any restraint I had disappeared. I flipped us over and I straddled him, my hands making quick work of the buttons of his vest and dress shirt. My lips delved deep and maneuvered his to part, taking advantage and sliding my tongue in.

At the first taste of me, a low growl rumbled in his chest and I began to grind my hips into his lap.

His hands tentatively slid up my thighs and up to my waist, pulling my nightie up as he went. I tugged it off over my head and sat up straight so he could get a good look at me in just my panties. “I feel something very pleasurable in my genitals.” He says in his whispery way, lust coloring the normally unflappable immortal.

“That means you are aroused by me.” I whispered, my hands making their way down to undo his trousers and pull his now rock hard cock out. My hand barely wraps around the base and I hum in pleasure, he is delightfully thick.

“Do you know where I’m going to put this?” I asked in a slightly teasing tone.

His deep dark pits of eyes show no hint of the answer and I give him a coy little smile as I lean forward. My lips a hairs breadth from his earlobe as I whisper. “I’m going to put this inside of me. Your cock will fill me up, stretch me open, and make me moan in so much pleasure I might pass out from it. But don’t worry, you will feel just as much pleasure as me.”

With my hand still holding his base, I shift until he is notched at my hole and when I move to sit back up my ass lowers down onto his lap and my pussy swallows his cock whole. A long breathy sigh escapes me and a full body tremble moves though me. When I look back down at Death, his eyes somehow got even darker, but this time full of pure undiluted lust. His hands held me at my hips but he didn’t know what to do.

With a smirk I began to ride him. Slow at first, rolling my hips and grinding down on his cock to scrape along my trembling walls. Then I picked up the pace, bouncing up and down, making sure to slam with my full weight as he sunk balls deep into me. His fingers dug into my hips painfully but I loved it. All that could be heard was his rapid breathing, my soft moans, and our skin slapping together.

As the pace picked up, he began to lift his hips up in rhythm to my bounces.

The movements jarred me and instinctively my hand went between my legs and began rubbing my clit. My moans got a little louder and longer, my bouncing got faster and more frantic. I was so close to the edge that I was completely surprised when Death sat up so we were chest to chest with his lips in my ear. “I feel like I’m about to explode inside of you but I don’t want this to end.”

Those words undid me. My whole body began to tremble and my pussy clamped around his shaft as I came. A cry of pleasure ripping from me and my body goes limp in his arms. But thankfully Death is a fast learner, or at least thinks on his feet. Because he flips us over so I’m back on my back and he is thrusting into me faster than humanly possible. His lips are still in my ear as he whispers. “I’m having a hard time deciding whether I should explode now or several hours from now.”

My whole body ignites again with flame and my nails dig into his lower back.

Whimpers meant only for him as I can’t formulate a response. He goes even harder, using an unnatural strength on top of the speed and I’m cresting over another peak. My back arched and a scream ripped from my chest. Some part in the back of my brain worried that I’ve woken the hole house, but no one comes.

Instead, Death rails me for several hours as he said. Forcing orgasm after orgasm from my body before he filled me with a roar and so much cum I felt it filling and expanding my womb. Finally at my wits end I look up at him with the weak light of dawn lighting his face and I beam up at him. “I didn’t think Loving Death could be this amazing…”

That’s when it hit me. He looked down at me, his long black hair curtaining around us, and he gave me a genuine smile. My life was complete, let Death take me now.


Did you miss out on part on of my loving death blog? Click here to catch up. Or enjoy the audio I made! 877-482-0664


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