Love Letter To You – Part 2

After the orgasm finishes quaking my body, you pull out and ease me to my feet. I hold onto you, as my legs are still weak and shaky. You lead me to the bed, where you lay down. I stand there and admire your body. I truly am the luckiest girl with you, my love. You stick out your tongue and motion me over. I crawl on top and straddle your face, allowing you to taste my cum, and as you lick my swollen pussy, I lean down and kiss the tip of your cock. 

I lick up and down your shaft, tasting myself on you. Finally, I wrap my lips around the head and start bobbing up and down. As your tongue darts in and out of my pussy, I moan around your cock, sending vibrations deep into your balls. 

A mixture of my cum, your precum, and my spit begin to gather at the base of your cock.

I lick it up, and switch my mouth’s focus to your balls. I take one into my mouth, and begin licking and sucking on it. One of my hands finds its way to your cock and jerks you off. 

You began sucking on my clit. This sends me into a frenzy. I pull my mouth off of your ball and began fucking my face with your cock. Moans and spit escape my mouth. I gag once or twice, just due to your massive size, but that doesn’t stop me. I want your cum with a hunger I’ve never felt before.

My body is getting so close to orgasm yet again. Grinding against your face, I feel your cock start to tense up, so I start hungrily sucking and playing with your balls with one hand. You cry out and cum starts shooting into my mouth. As soon as your sperm hits my tongue, the taste sends my body into an orgasm that shakes me to my core. I swallow every last drop as I scream around your cock. 

Once you’ve finished, I release your cock from my lips.

You pull me off of your face and lay me down next to you. Wrapping your arms around me, we catch our breath in unison. You kiss me and let me taste our cum together. This really was the perfect night. I love you.


Oh how I wish we could experience each other like this right now. I miss you. I hope as you read this, your hand is wrapped around your cock and you cum to the thought of me. Because I just came to the thought of you, my love.

I hope you enjoyed my love letter to you. If you haven’t yet, read Part 1 here. If you want more, purchase my audio blog here and experience this story in a whole new way.

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