Love Letter To You – Part 1

I was thinking that it’s been a while since I showed my appreciation to you. You truly do spoil me and treat me so well. You bring me flowers, buy me gifts, and make me cum all the time. I’m really so lucky. So I decided to write you a love letter. I hope you like it!

You are my perfect match. I feel so good when I’m around you, and when you’re away, my body aches for your touch. The longer you’re away, the more I ache and the hornier I become.

Now is one of those days where you’ve been away for far too long. I’m sitting here, typing out this love letter, and my pussy is soaking through my pretty pink panties. My hands can’t help but touch myself where I want you to touch me.

I wish you were here next to me.

I’d love for you to push me up against the wall and strip me down. After a long day at work, all you crave is me. Your warm hands are against my petite body, caressing my perky tits. You kiss me, biting my lip. A moan escapes my mouth and I bury my lips into yours. We kiss, our tongues intertwining. As we kiss, your hands explore my body. Grabbing at my ass and my tits. You tease me by caressing my inner thighs, but not going much higher. My pussy is getting wetter and wetter by the second.

Eventually, your kisses lead to my neck, where you bite and lick up and down my smooth skin. You nibble at my ear and whisper sweet nothings to me. Things you want to do to me, your favorite body parts of mine, and how much you love how I taste. Your whispers make me so dripping wet. I need you. I need your cock, your cum, your love. My need for you is so strong!!

I pull at your belt, begging for you to pull out your cock.

You oblige, and I feel the warmth of your member tickle against my belly. I grab your cock and begin stroking it. I feel it grow in size in my hand, getting harder and harder. You moan into my mouth as you kiss me. I feel your hot breath pick up pace as you get hornier and crave me more.

 You grab my thighs and lift them up, wrapping my legs around your waist. I feel your beautiful cock press against my pussy lips. I moan as you push into my tight cunt, wrapping my arms around your neck as you begin fucking me against the wall.

Your hard cock stroking in and out of my pussy is the most amazing feeling in the world. You began to fuck me faster and faster. It felt so fucking good. You were in the perfect position to hit my g spot, and you just kept hitting it over and over. Finally, an orgasm began to roll through my body. I cry out your name and dig my fingernails into your back. You kiss me, and I hungrily kiss you back, gasping for air in between kisses.

I hope you liked Part 1 of my love letter. Come back on Friday to read Part 2. If you can’t wait till then, purchase my audio blog here. I tell the whole thing in my sexy voice! If you want something a bit spicier, read my blackmail blog here!!

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