Losing Her Virginity, Faith’s Story- Part 1

I’m laying in my bed, having the sweetest dream. Wearing my sweet pink nighty, I’m all snuggled up with my favorite stuffie – the one you gave me. Little did I know, that this would be the night that I lost my virginity.  Something wakes me up, and I look around the room confused.  I see you smiling down at me, and feel your hand rubbing my little thigh, higher than you ever have before. It makes me feel funny in my tummy, and throb between my legs, so I wiggle a little. You smile at me and give me a soft kiss on my lips, then whisper in my ear that it’s ok.  I love you, so of course it’s ok.

I feel your hands slide under my sweet nighty and start rubbing my chest.  It feels good and makes me throb for you even more.  Your lips press against my neck, and you pull my nighty up so you can kiss my nipples and tummy.  I moan a little, and you smile at me, telling me that I have to be super quiet. No one can know our secret. I nod my head.

I just wanna make you happy!

You keep kissing down my little body and slip my baby blue panties off.  They are the cute ones you got me, that have little stars on them.  You said they were your favorite, so I love to wear them.  Looking down at me, you smile, then lean forward and kiss me right between my sweet little legs on my little virgin hole.  It feels SO good.  I feel your tongue teasing and licking my little virgin slit and I’m getting wetter and wetter.  It’s so hard not to make any noise, because it feels so good.  I had no idea that your tongue could do that.

Being kissed in my private place feels so naughty, but I don’t want you to stop.

All of a sudden, I start feeling hot and tingly all over my body.  There is the pressure building between my legs, and you start to lick me even faster.  You focus on the very top part of my virgin pussy, and I feel you suck that little button inside your mouth.  As soon as you did that, it’s like there was an explosion inside of me.  My pussy started contracting over and over again, and I could feel this hot, wet liquid gush out of me.  I pulled my pillow over my face so I could scream into it, because the feeling was so intense.  The feeling went on for what seemed like forever.  I was panting when it finally passed, and I pulled the pillow from my face.  You were smiling down at me and said “my baby girl is a squirter.”

Check back for part two to hear all about me losing my virginity!

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