Looner Love- My Sexual Fetishism Story – Part 2

As I continue with part 2 of my looner story, I hope you have gotten some balloons to play with yourself. You can read part 1 is right here.

What if I blew up all of these balloons, I thought to myself.  I bet it would be so much fun to play with them. The static electricity on them felt so good on my fingers…I bet it would be even more fun on my bald pussy.  This was going to be fun!

I emptied the bag of balloons onto my bed.  There were so many colors!! 

One by one I blew up all of the balloons. They were such pretty colors. Slowly, I slipped the rest of my clothes off and laid down naked on my bed.  I was surrounded by the multicolored balloons. My skin tingled where they brushed up against me, and I could feel the static electricity practically running through my body.  

I picked up a purple balloon and sighed while started rubbing my hands over it.  The rubber squeaking sound made my pussy clench again. With my eyes closed, I started teasing my nipples again. I rubbed the purple balloon against my right nipple and felt it grow hard and sensitive. Then, I started teasing my left nipple until it was just as hard as the right one.

Slowly, I ran the balloon down my body until I settled it between my legs.  My pussy reacted immediately. I started rubbing the balloon up and down over my slit.  My juices covered it, making it slick and smooth.  I started thrusting my hips up, humping the big latex balloon between my legs…and then POP!!!!  I popped it.

As I did my pussy squirted all over the place. 

I wasn’t finished though.  I needed more, and I was surrounded by all of these beautiful balloons! Getting up on my knees, I took a big green balloon and straddled it. Slowly, I started riding the balloon, sliding my dripping cunt over the latex.  My thighs were squeezing the balloon, as the anticipation of the balloon exploding was building inside me. 

I started riding the green balloon faster and faster. Reaching up, I started pinching my nipples, relishing the intense sensations running through my body. I could feel the other balloons bouncing against my thighs while I rode the green one. 

All of a sudden the green balloon popped with a loud bang. I screamed from shock and the intense orgasm that flowed through me.  My pussy juice sprayed all over my covers while I let the waves of pleasure roll through me. 

Panting, I laid back on the bed and tried to catch my breath.  I could feel all the balloons softly bouncing against my body.  There were at least 20 more balloons to play with.  I mean…I don’t think my sister will miss them. She doesn’t even know the party is happening! 

Slowly I reached over and grabbed another balloon and wrapped my arms around it.  Yeah, I think I’ll just have my own party with these tonight. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my delve into sexual fetishism. This looner story was so much fun to write, and it was even more fun to record.  You definitely have to check out my audio blog.


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  1. Greg B April 25, 2021 at 8:57 pm

    Goddess Faith, I would give anything to be the one baloon that causes “waves of pleasure” to roll through your young tight body.


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