Looner Love- My Sexual Fetishism Story – Part 1

There are all different types of sexual fetishism, the attraction to non-living objects. I can think of so many different things to be attracted to. I was shocked to find out that I have an attraction to something non-living…but here we are. This is my looner story, and how I became turned on by balloons. 

My little sister was having a birthday party, and I had spent days trying to get everything ready. I wanted to make sure that this day was really special for her. My entire room was filled with decorations.  I kept my door shut to make sure that she didn’t see, because I wanted all of my hard work to be a surprise. 

That evening, as I looked around my room at all the party decor, I decided however that the only thing left was the balloons.  I had a big bag of multi-colored/multi-shaped balloons and they all needed to be blown up.  I sat down on my bed and opened the back.  The smell of the latex wafted up as I opened the bag. For some reason, the smell made me feel tingly.  I have no idea why that happened.

It was just a balloon. 

I pulled the first balloon out of the bag. It was a pretty red one.  I ran my fingers over the smooth surface and closed my eyes as I relished in the texture. As I stretched the balloon with both hands to make it more pliable, I felt a pulse between my legs.  My pussy clenched as I brought the balloon to my lips.  

I closed my eyes then took a deep breath. Then, I started to blow.  The sound of the air filling the balloon was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard. I loved the way my breath was making the balloon expand.  My hands massaged the balloon, the feeling of static electricity giving my fingers little pricks.  I continued to blow, and the balloon got bigger and bigger.  

As the balloon grew, my heart started to race and my pussy starting dripping. I knew it was coming.  The pop.  I knew it would happen, but I didn’t know when. The balloon kept getting bigger and bigger and the anticipation was almost too much.  Then…


The balloon exploded in my hands. My pussy pulsed as I held the remains of the red balloon, and tried to slow my racing heart. What just happened?  Did I really almost have an orgasm from popping a balloon?  I did.  

Breathing hard, I reached in the bag and pulled an orange balloon from the back.  There was no hesitation this time.  I pulled and stretched the balloon to loosen it up and then started to blow again. This time, I slipped my hand between my legs as the balloon grew bigger and bigger.  My fingers teased my little clit while my breath filled the orange balloon.  I didn’t want it to pop, so when it got super big, I tied it up.  Sighing, I rubbed the balloon against my cheek, and then down my chest.  I took my shirt off and then rubbed my nipples with the balloon feeling the rubber grab them. 

Then a great idea popped into my head!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my looner story so far! Check back for part 2 on Sunday! If you can’t wait till then and want to hear about my balloon fetish with real balloon sounds, you should purchase my audio!

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