Today I am telling you what to do. If you join my Long Distance Cam-girlfriend fantasy, read part 1 of my erotically steamy blog. Next, Purchase my sexy audio with bonus details (don’t have the volume up at work). Remember that makes you one of the exclusive clients to own dirty elements of my fantasy on audio!

“I miss your throbbing cock inside my tight little pussy.” I laid back on my bed, sliding my fingers down my panties. Slowly but with purpose, I slid my fingers out and back inside several times. The sticky cum had already begun to soak through my panties. My fingers slid deep inside my pussy. Looked right into Jacob’s eyes.

Wiggling them around, making sure to apply pressure just below my belly button to really hit my g-spot.

Without even trying, my first little orgasm popped right out. A tiny little part of me got embarrassed, but I remembered this was just my boyfriend. Jacob was moaning too, and watching his hand slide up and down his shaft was hot. This reminded me of laying next to him in bed while he put on my show just for me.

I moved my fingers out of my dripping pussy onto my clit, and began to rub very gently.

Locks were a fantastic invention because we were in our little world. As Jacob watched me, he grabbed his balls with one hand and his cock with the other. Pre-cum dripped down the side of his shaft. Oh, how I wished his cum was dripping down my throat instead.

I kept hearing noises from my phone, but this throbbing cock was the only thing on my mind.

Just as I felt myself want to cum, I slid my fingers inside my pussy, and watched Jacob jerk himself off harder. His moaning got quicker as he took shallow breaths. My nipples pulsed as I squeezed each one.  Clearly, he was about cum.  If I closed my eyes, I could imagine every single drop. I yearned for the taste of his warm load sliding down my throat.

My pussy began to squirt as I slid my fingers deep inside myself.

Jacob was making cute little dirty remarks, but I had zero care; my pussy kept squirting. Slowly, I reached my thumb up to my clit, and decided to finish off a third rapid orgasm. I opened my eyes just as I finished, quickly realizing I was still on the camera. Jacob scrunched up his nose and let out a loud moan. He shot a monster load all over his stomach, just like at home.

That was super satisfying, knowing he came just as hard from seeing me on camera.

His cock became more and more sensitive; as I instructed, he kept going. Each drop of cum that managed to work its way out confirmed my suspicions. Jacob enjoyed me being his long-distance cam-girlfriend, as much or more than I did. I licked one of my fingers before blowing a kiss towards the screen and hanging up. The only action my brain could manage was to take a deep breath.

These cam girls don’t get enough credit; it is hard work to sit perfectly, act perfectly, and cum perfectly on cue.


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