When I was in high school, I dated a guy, Jacob, a little older than me. All you need to know is that I was legal, and he was in college. Before he left for college, we would fuck all the time. I loved playing with his cock, sucking it, and riding it until he exploded. Unfortunately, that all went away when he decided to go off to college, so I became his long-distance girlfriend.

My biggest worry was, “How would I get my pussy filled?”

I wasn’t the type of girl to cheat, so I guess I just had to deal until one of us traveled to see the other. We would talk nightly on the phone, but there was an ache in my pussy that only his cock could satisfy. I needed it; the dildos and vibrators I had were not enough; I needed him. It got to the point; wet dreams didn’t even begin to describe what I was having.

However, there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I overheard one of my besties talking about her new cam job. Basically, guys paid her for one-on-one play over their webcams. That gave me the perfect lightbulb moment. What if Jacob and I played over the webcam. I figured it had to be better as I thought more about it. This just wasn’t going to work otherwise.

That night I went shopping at the local Fry’s electronics and picked up 2 webcams. Next was the local adult bookstore for a toy for each of us.


Last stop post office.

They would be delivered by next day air, perfect because I couldn’t wait. The note told him I wanted to spice things up and experiment. Follow the instructions and the link.

He called me immediately, “What did you do?” I giggled, and I stepped into view of the webcam. What he saw made things much more evident.
I had on a cute tiny silky 2-piece lingerie set with matching pumps and a fun black-lit room to match the mood.

Truth be told, I was so nervous, and my mind kept racing. All of my friends even knew I was planning for this evening; I couldn’t show my shyness now. I sat there, my heart pounding, waiting for him to log on. When the video began streaming, the webcam pointed directly at his cock. time to become a long-distance cam-girlfriend.

But everyone is right; distance makes the heart grow fonder.

My pussy began to throb when I saw his hard cock. How I missed that thick, plump cock between my legs, I took a quick gasp. But he noticed, so there was no playing it off. “Oh, baby!” ¬†Hearing my own voice made me realize it was out loud.


Obviously, you naughty boys and girls enjoyed reading part one of my Long-Distance Cam-girlfriend fantasy. Cum back on Saturday to read part two! You can purchase my naughty audio blog if you are as kinky as me and can’t wait. There are always extra details.¬† Don’t forget I am starting to build my collection, so check out another one of my naughty adventures.

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