Read My Lips – Chrissy’s Smoking Fetish Part 1

This little slice of life shows just the beginning of my smoking fetish, and how it manifests in you wanting to read my lips.  Over and over.

Sitting on the couch, I grab the pack of Marlboros.  You read my lips and know my smoking fetish demands that you bring me a lighter.  That muffled sound of soft paper rubbing against paper as I pull that long clean cigarette out of its cardboard box gets your attention.  Our eyes meet as I put the filter to my lips.  You watch my nails at the end of my fingers as I flick the lighter and light the end, taking a first long drag.  I pull my lips off the end of that stick, leaving a swirl of smoke hovering in my open mouth.  You know what to do.  You come over and drop those trousers to the floor.  Pulling that semi-hard cock out of your pants and lean it close to my face.  My penchant for smoke has been lit.

It’s Time to Play.

I grab your now hard dick with my other hand and blow the smoke onto that building head.  The cigarette still hanging from my right hand, I drag that thick smoke into my mouth again.  My supple lips open to wrap around the head of your cock, and I let the smoke envelop it as I start to stroke your shaft.  Sucking it a little, I exhale, and a waft of smoke cloud comes off your dick.  I think again while licking my lips, how my smoking fetish makes you hard.

Because you pull my shirt off and then you continue to stroke your cock.  You watch me put that cigarette to my lips again.  I exhale as I rub my hard nipples.  I take another drag, bend over, and blow the smoke around the lid of your cock head and then lick the tip.  Like before, I wrap my lips around it, and pull off your cock.  A trail of smoke following my lips as I sit back down on my feet.

The Smoke is the Fetish.

My lips purse and I take another heavy drag, raising my chest as I rub and squeeze my nipples, you pull your cock closer, begging my mouth for more.  My mouth puffing penchant is always about more smoke.  With my mouth full of smoke, I wrap my lips around your cock again.  I pull your dick down my tongue to my throat.  The smoke escapes around your dick and floats back up around my face as I pull my lips up and off your cock.  I pull off my cigarette one more time and blow 4 small smoke rings into the air.  Sucking them back into my mouth and blowing it from your balls up your dick.

I grab your dick and caress it, my fingers still holding my cigarette.  Sliding them up and down slowly, you feel the heat of the cherry tip.  The smoke trails up and down with the movement of my hand.   And, leaving my hand on your cock, I move my lips toward it, only to take another drag.  These lips allow my smoking fetish excites the swirling my tongue under the head of your cock, the smoke billows over it like a furnace.

My Tongue Shares the Work.

Teasing and tickling your throbbing cock with the smoke.  Blowing and puffing around your balls.  My lips puckered with every pull from the cigarette.  Your eyes follow my long nails as my two fingers clamp that stick between them.  Bringing the filter up to my mouth, that fulfilling suck of smoke enters my mouth.  With the top of your hard member resting on my nipple, I blow it down my chin and devour the head of your dick.  I’m deep throating your hard cock as the smoke flows from my nose to every inch as I pull my mouth off.  Above all, smoking with your dick is making my pussy so wet.  So, I lay back on the couch, and lite another cigarette for my smiling lips as my smoking fetish is being fulfilled.   I’m waiting to wrap my feet around your dick as you move onto the couch.


Come back on Friday for Part 2 of my Smoking Fetish slice of life.  If you can’t wait until then, check out my audio here.  If you liked that, I bet you would enjoy a true story of me being naughty in my bog:  True Gang Bang Sex Story – Life is a Highway.

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