Read My Lips, Chrissy’s Smoking Fetish – PART 2

This little slice of life shows just the beginning of my smoking fetish, and how it manifests in you wanting to read my lips.  Over and over.

My lips were pulling away from your cock as my puffing compulsion is realized.  As I lay back on the couch, you pull my feet onto your dick.  I tell you to read my lips as I take the first drag of my new cigarette and blow it on my feet and your dick.  Sliding these toes gently up and down your throbbing hard cock, I see it twitch with the draft of smoke engulfing it.  With my feet wrapped around your cock, you bend over to pull down my panties.  I stand up, take a drag, and bend onto the couch as I turn back and puff smoke bombs onto my ass while you smack it with your cock.

My Puffing Penchant

Wiggling my ass as I bring my hand, still squeezing my cigarette between my fingers, and slide it up and down my crack.  The coal of my MarIboro so close to my ivory skin, an ash lands in my crack and sizzles.  I move my fingers down to my pussy and back all the way up my ass crack.  The smoke from my cigarette trailing up that cavern.  I pass you my cigarette to take a puff.  I want to see those lips of yours pucker and blow that smoke up and down my juicy pussy lips.  You are learning the benefits of my puffing compulsion.  I light another cigarette and push a swirl of smoke back over my ass as you drag your smokey tongue from my clit to my asshole.

Smoke and Pump

I turn over on my back, naked, smoke wafting around my body. As I am leaning into the corner of the couch I reach down and start rubbing my pussy while puffing another drag.  You stand above me to catch the smoke on your dick as you stroke it.  I finger pump my hole as I exhale down my belly to see the avalanche of smoke fall onto my mound and dissipate.  My lips purse to moan and you push my fingers close to my mouth to force me to take another drag. My smoking fetish demands it.

These Lips Suck

Because your hands move down to spread my legs open, I suck in another mouthful of smoke.  A cloud of smoke stays between us as you pull away and start pumping.  I am moaning louder, and between pumps, I take another drag.  As I moan, the smoke rises from my mouth like little puffs from a train smokestack.  The smoke puffs trail to your face and you suck them into your mouth and breathe them out of your nose like a dragon.  It is the favorite part of my smoking fetish.  I suck again, this time pulling the smoke deeper into my lungs.  Watch me control the 6 or 7 smoke rings I poof out with each pump into me.  The rings hover over you like an angel as my pussy begins to cream and pulse all over your cock.

One more cigarette

As I gasp for air, I can feel your balls tighten, your breath quicken.  I take one more drag off my cigarette.  You push as I am holding that smoke in my mouth until you cum inside me.  Finally, feel me shoot smoke all over your face and mouth while you grunt and shoot your load into me.  That was fucking amazing.  I light two cigarettes and pass one over.  There’s nothing quite like a cigarette after sex to enhance my smoking fetish.

If you missed Part 1 of this story, you can read it here.  Above all, if you prefer to lay back, grab that cock and jerk it to the sound of my voice, then click here to check out my audio blog.

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