I was getting so horny thinking of the night to come, great fun and great sex, I hope!

At about ten minutes to five I hear the familiar sound of the two choppers coming in.  Gwen and I had just slipped on a pair of cutoffs and were finished cleaning up and waiting.  The guys pulled in and as soon a they saw us I noticed them shifting on their bikes.  Parking them and getting off they started walking towards us. Yes I know there will be a public fuck tonight.

It was then that I noticed that they both had raging hard cocks, begging to be released!

They stepped right up to us and I reached down grabbing the hard cock and saying, “How are you going to concentrate on the road with this?”

“I’m not,” was the response and with that he grabbed my hand and took me over to the hood of my car  and bent me over removing my shorts and swimsuit bottom.  Reaching down between my legs he started stoking my already wet pussy, “Oh Baby, I knew you would be ready for me.He then undid his pants and pulled his big stiff cock out and started to tease my pussy lips with it.

“You want this Baby, You want to feel the heat from this big stiff cock?”

I was besides myself with excitement.  Not only was I so horny I could barely stand it but we were out in public where anyone who happened by would see us.  This is something that always turned me on being an exhibitionist and having a great public fuck!   From the sounds I heard along side me I know Gwen was experiencing the same thing.  We picked them right this year!  Time to turn it up a notch.

“Well if you think you are man enough to satisfy me out here in public then go ahead and give it a try!”

That was all it took he slammed his big stiff cock into my pussy so hard it lifted me off the hood of the car.

My God this guy had force and he wasn’t showing me any mercy!  That’s alright because that is how I like it, nice and rough and in public!  Oh God it felt so great having this virtual stranger slamming his hard cock into my dripping pussy again and again and again.  What made it even better was the fact that it was a public fuck!  It started building at that point from deep down in the pit of my stomach and radiating out. It was that familiar feeling of getting ready to have my insides explode!  Continuing to slam into my pussy this guy starts getting ready to shoot his load, I could feel it!  Begging him I pleaded not yet, not yet, and then all of a sudden I scream!

“Yes, yes, now, now! m Give me your fucking load NOW!”

Being the kind of guy he was he shuddered and tensed and all of a sudden I feel it great big spurts inside me.  Again and again it continued for longer than expected.  When he finished he collapsed on top of me as my shuddering just stopped.  It was at that precise moment when we heard it. “Hey, what the Fuck are you guys doing.  You think this is your bedroom!?  Get the Hell out of here before I call the cops! Damn kids having a public fuck in my parking lot!”

Jumping on the choppers, half dressed we burned out of the parking lot all but causing an accident.  That was the climax to our climax.  It was fantastic!  The other chopper roared up beside us and looked over to see Gwen in the same state of undress as I was.  Laughing we high fived each other and roared off to town to get a couple of drinks.

This was going to be a great evening and I know the rest of the rally will be the same.

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