Time to host our annual bike wash at the local motorcycle rally.  Contacting my girlfriend I asked if she wanted to join me.  Absolutely!  We both know it is a great time and we make lots of money, mostly in tips. Plus there is always that chance of having a public fuck.

The sexier the better!

We are dealing with some great motorcycle guys and they are all here for two things, to show off their bikes and to have a great time!  Most of them have alot of money to spend and if you don’t mind showing them a good time, they will share that money with you!

We arrive at the designated parking lot around noon and get ready to have a great time and maybe a public fuck or two!  We have the hoses, buckets, sponges and towels. There are several other girls there to join us and we all have our tiniest sexiest bikinis on!

We are all here for the same thing, money and sex!

It didn’t take long for a couple of bikers to pull in for a wash.  They walk over towards us and it is customary for them to pick which girls they want to work on them, or um, there bikes that is.

My girl Gwen is picked, a beautiful red head and then yes I was picked next.

Grabbing a bucket with some soapy water and sponges in it I walk over to the bike as Gwen drags the hose over.  The guys were following us with there eyes. Yes, we are looking for some outside sex!   I turn and glance at them giving them a quick wink and smile.

As we are washing their bikes we always make sure to have our asses up in the air with our legs spread.

An added bonus is when we accidentally have a wardrobe malfunction and one or both of our tits fall out of our tops.  As we are carefully washing the bikes we know that the guys are watching us very closely.  Since I worked with Gwen many times in the past we both know how to make the most money.  First, the wardrobe malfunction, oh yes the tits come out and we act like we don’t even realize it.

Then comes the water.  As the bike gets rinsed we accidentally hose each other down.  Oh yeah! We are both all wet and now our nipples are getting nice and hard.  The guys love this, especially when we start drying each other off.

The guys are now approaching us licking their lips.  I think this is going to be our lucky day!  First he grabbed my ass and then his other hand reaches for my breasts, I think he had outside sex in mind!  “Hey Baby, slow down, I would love to play with you but I have to work until 5.  Would you be able to come back to pick me up then?”

I sure can Sugar Lips!  You are so hot, I am hoping to get lucky with you tonight.”

“Well there is always that possibility!   We will have to see how the night goes.”  With that he runs his hand down my ass and then gives it a slap.  I finish drying his bike off and he hands me a $50 and gives me a wink and says, “Until tonight.”

Roaring off on his bike I looked over at Gwen and she gave me a thumbs up. I think we might get to have a public fuck tonight!  The rest of the day progressed in a somewhat  uneventful way.  Of course there are always the guys that like to play grab ass or play with your tits, but of course they always make it worth your while.




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