Let Chloe be Your Little Redheaded CumSlut – Part Two

They spend an hour making me their CumSlut. Six of them coming inside me, the remainder unloading wherever they fancy.

“Jesus,” I splutter at one point. I’m on my hands and knees and one of them has just dumped his cum into my pussy. “If you lot don’t stop cumming inside me I’m going to get pregnant for sure.”

Some of the men seemed to like the idea of leaving me knocked up.

During the time in that sleazy warehouse, I have multiple men in my cunt and mouth. Letting them fuck me as long as they want and as many times as they can manage. Two or three are repeaters, I’m not sure of exact numbers, it all gets too confusing. I think some of them have squirted into my pussy as well as dumped a load on my face or breasts. I’ve been cumming myself so many times and it’s difficult to concentrate.

Squealing and groaning and begging for more, I have climax after climax boiling inside me. Half the time I’m not sure who’s inside me or who I’m sucking, and I don’t much care. It’s all about the perversion, the debauchery, and my ruination. I’ve got cocks in my face and in my hands. One squirts the hot stuff into my cunt, slides out, and then another horny bastard is right there, squelching into me. His girth and length displacing the earlier deposits, my body shaking around the dick that’s fucking into me.

“Use me, boys!” I squeal, exultant. “Just use me any way you want. I’m just fuck meat. I’m here for your spunk.”

When it ends I’m plastered with semen. It drips out of my pussy, blobs of it glistening in the dim light. The mattress ruined. My blouse, which I lost about halfway through, is opaque with jiz. Stockings laddered and torn; my hair an unkempt mess. I’ll have bruises on my arms and thighs from where they drug me around to suit their own urges. There’s cum in my hair, on my face, and all over my tits.

God, it feels so hot being their dirty little CumSlut. My pussy is tender and my jaw aches, but I could quite happily go another fourteen men.

When I get to the hotel I have to have my suit jacket buttoned up so I don’t get too many odd looks from the receptionist. As it is, I look like I’ve been dragged through the proverbial hedge. I’m still in the holed stockings; my skirt is cum-spattered, too. Some dirty bastard jizzed on it, leaving it spotted with viscous semen. I stand at the desk while the girl gets on with the check-in process, sure I must reek of illicit sex. My face burns with shame as I take the key wondering what she’d think if she knew just what I’ve been doing.

Then I’m in the room, tomorrow’s suit hanging on the rail, my pussy jammed with a rubber cock while I go through the evening’s events again. I’m such a dirty slut, but I do love it. I’m getting out of control. Still, I just hope it isn’t too long before I receive another phone call.

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