Let Chloe be Your CumSlut – Part One

It’s dark and dank inside the building, all deep shadow, and mystery. Like a hidden menace that’s the perfect setting for a Halloween fright movie. There’s no real mystery though, they all know I’m going to be their CumSlut. Inside, it’s a cavern of a place, easily the size of an aircraft hangar, a vast open area with a row of what were once offices along one wall. In fact, the click-clack of my heels on the concrete floor brings forth the zombies, men appearing out of the shadows – fifteen of them if I had to guess.

One of the men detaches from the cluster. I recognize him, of course, and can’t wait to take his cum. He indicates I should follow, his head jerking towards the offices. He leads me to a particular door, entering the room, obviously expecting me to follow – which I do. As I step through the doorway it’s like a portal, a blank space like a missing tooth. The door was long since gone, but inside I see he’s prepared well. There’s a mattress on the floor and some low-wattage lighting for romantic ambiance, three battery-powered lamps in a lantern style.

Shadows flicker and I hear the shuffling of feet. “Here she is,” I hear him say and after that, it’s up to me.

They’re a good mix of ages. I’d say the youngest is not much more than twenty, the oldest up in his sixties perhaps. Not that it matters to me, all I care about is the cock. I’m not bothered a jot about the man driving it in.

“You,” I say, pointing to the youngest. “Come here.”

He does as he’s told and I’m soon kneeling on the mattress, his cock in my mouth as I tug him at the root, sucking hard. I’m ready to be his CumSlut. I remove my jacket and fling it aside. Fingers working the buttons of my blouse as the young man fucks my mouth. I stagger to my feet and unzip my skirt, shimmying to get the thing past my hips.

I’m bare beneath, except for garter belt and stockings that is. I like to wear some kind of added incentive for the boys. The high heels are another touch – there’s no way I’d wear precipitous Blahniks at work, they’re purely my ‘ come fuck me shoes’. I suck at the youngster for a time before lying on my back and inviting him to climb aboard, I want his semen. He jacks his cock for a few seconds, looking at me, his expression feral.

“Come on,” I urge, rubbing my clit, legs wide. “Put it in.” He gets down and slides in, his fuck stick splitting me open.

“Oh fuck, it’s divine,” I groan, hips rising so I can fuck up onto his dick.

The young man goes at me while another kneels and offers me his cock. I lift up so I’m on one elbow, my mouth full of an enormous lump of male gristle. I gag and cough while hands maul my tits and the one in my cunt fills me with semen. I’m still going at the huge mass of cock between my lips when my pussy is filled with another one.

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