Lesbian Oral Sex – Bisexual Bikini Besties – NAT – A – 0012 – 5-8-23 – Part 2

When we last left off, my bestie and I were heating things up in the locker room! Now for the steamy finale of this lesbian oral sex fantasy!

My best friend & I are in the locker room showers together.

I’m on my knees, looking up at her one last time before I dive tongue-first into her pussy. As soon as my tongue touches her clit she starts squirming. I always hit just the right spot to make her go crazy. I slide my tongue up & down her pussy as she pinches & plays with her breasts. She’s breathing heavily, only letting the occasional small moan escape… for now.

I reach under her left thigh, putting her leg on my shoulder.

She pushes her pussy more into my face… and I love it! I grab her hips and begin sucking that beautiful clit of hers. With just the right amount of pressure, her pussy will just continue to leak that sweet, sweet nectar until she cums. I suck and suck on her clit, and her fingers dig into the back of my head. Suddenly she starts moaning loudly, and I know she’s about to cum. 

I look up and see her eyes roll back as she enjoys an intense orgasm. 

But I don’t stop sucking her clit. I keep sucking until her entire body is shaking, and I don’t stop there. I hungrily slurp on her clit & lips, desperate to taste every drop. She’s so delicious, no wonder she’s my best friend! I reach between my legs and start playing with my pussy while still licking her. She notices what I’m doing and gets turned on all over again. She starts dirty talking to me, saying how much she loves me eating her pussy & making her cum so hard. I feel her grinding my face & get excited knowing she’s going to cum again.

I moan loudly into her pussy as I rub my clit.

The vibrations drive her wild, humping my face like crazy while making all kinds of slutty sounds. She reaches down to pinch my nipples, and it sends me right over the edge to cum. As I’m moaning my orgasm into her pussy lips, I feel her body start to tremble again. Another loud moan and her juices once again downpour into my mouth. It’s so delicious! I stay down on my knees, licking her for several more minutes. Each little lick sends waves throughout her body, intensifying her post-orgasm pleasure. 

After I’ve licked her clean, I stand up & we kiss again, smiling at each other. 

We adjust our bikinis, fix our hair in the mirror, and then head back to the pool. Laying side-by-side in the warm sun, I realize something. “I think all my suntan oil washed off… wanna rub some more on me?” She looks at me and we both laugh. Then she says “Sure, I’ll rub some more on you… you did me, so it’s only fair if I do you, right?” She winks at me, then starts to rub the oil all over my body… If you ask me, I think she wants round three- but with her tongue in me!


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Two of this lesbian oral sex fantasy and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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