Lesbian Oral Sex – Bisexual Bikini Besties – NAT – A – 0012 – 5-8-23 – Part 1

As you probably already know, I’m bisexual, and I LOVE eating pussy! Most of my experience with other women has to do with threesomes or other group sex. But today I want to explore the special, sexual bond between two besties in this lesbian oral sex fantasy!

My best friend is stunning.

When we go out together, people can’t help staring at us, especially when we’re at the pool. Two gorgeous, slim women with amazing breasts barely held back by their bikinis turn quite a few heads. Some men try to sneak glances at us, while others flat-out stare. That’s just fine by us- we’re both single and looking for someone new. We rub suntan oil on each other, making our bodies glisten in the sun. We lay out in the warm rays on our towels, talking & laughing with each other, occasionally reapplying more oil to our bodies. To be honest, all this touching is getting me a little hot & bothered. As I said, my bestie is stunning

I start using my flirty voice to seduce her.

She immediately picks up on this & playfully teases me. “I thought we were here to scope out guys?” I tease back, saying “Oh we were checking out guys. But that was before I remembered how much I enjoy you rubbing your hands all over me.” I brush her hair behind her ear, giving her a slow, sensual kiss. Then I whisper, “Just come to the locker room with me for 5 minutes. Let me taste your other lips.” Her eyes light up. She can’t resist my tongue on her pussy. She knows that 5 minutes is all it takes with my mouth between her legs. We leave our towels & things poolside, holding hands & giggling as we head for the showers. 

Our breasts bounce as we quickly rush inside.

As soon as we enter the women’s locker room her tongue is in my mouth. Her hands are all over my body, and I know she’s craving me as much as I am her. I rub my hand between her legs until the bikini is tucked between her little slit. I whisper naughty things in her ear until she’s practically humping my hand. She pulls both of our tits out of our bikinis, pushing herself harder against me. I feel our hard nipples brushing each other and it makes my pussy tingle. She makes me so horny, I can’t wait to taste her pussy again! 

We make our way to a shower stall & close the curtain. 

It’s not private, but we’re so horny we don’t care. We turn on the hot water and let the steam build throughout the locker room. I start sucking on her sexy little pink nipples. Her breathing quickens. She bites her lip, doing her best not to make much noise. It won’t last long though. I rip her bottoms down, slipping my finger into her pussy & my tongue into her mouth. She moans and pushes her body against mine.  I can feel her juices coating my fingers. I pull them out of her pussy and put them in her mouth. She gasps, her breasts heaving as the water from the shower trickles down her body. After she licks my fingers clean, I kiss her, telling her the rest of that sweet nectar is all mine.


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don’t miss Part Two of this lesbian oral sex fantasy! If you need to finish the story now, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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