Lesbian Fun with Aurora & Mia

I knew you would be back for part 2 of our lesbian fun blog. I mean the sultry Milf and the sexy little submissive are hot right? So, I needed her to spread those legs so that I could taste all of her. I laid back and told her to come sit on my face. In other words I wanted her to ride my face like a cock. Next, I started smacking that juicy little ass of hers. It seemed the more that I smacked it the harder she rode my mouth. Leaving wet pussy juices all over my face. Honestly, her pussy tasted like red jolly ranchers. She started to cum pouring deep into my mouth. I grabbed her hips and kept her moving wanting to give her an extreme orgasm. 


So, she was ready to return the favor we moved into the room and she buried her face into my fuck hole sucking and pulling at my clit. Honestly, it was some of the best head I had ever gotten. Sticking her fingers deep into my cunt and fucking me wildly. To be honest, it was hard to believe that it was her first time. It did not take long to push me over the edge. I cam over and over on her soft lips. Although we both cam and  we had both had multiple orgasms I was nowhere near ready to be done with her. As a matter of fact, I was just getting started. The wheels in my head were turning, picturing all of the pleasure that I could give her. 


Although I have experience in lesbian fun I have never tried tribbing. 


So, I have watched Sinn Sage trib lots of girls and it always looked like so much fun. I knew I had to try it. I knew I had to attempt to drive her crazy. I laid her down telling her exactly what I had in store for her. Simultaneously, throwing her legs back and mounting her. Next I positioned my clit directly on hers. We were both still very wet from our orgasms which was perfect. Finally, I started rocking back and forth rubbing our clits together. Smacking her titties lightly making them bounce and jiggle. The intensity was something that I can not quite explain. There was a primal hunger that was amazing. Watching her mouth quiver and eyes roll back was driving me to go harder and push down on that wet fuck hole. 


Important to realize, our pussy’s were still throbbing and slippery from our previous play. It was not going to take long for us to both cum all over again. Afterwards, I licked all of those juices off her body. Blending together they tasted like the most decadent dessert. I knew we were going to have so much fun for the rest of the visit.


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