Lesbian Fun with Aurora & Mia 

So, I have always been curious about really fucking a woman. Lately, Aurora and I have been talking a lot and we have even played on calls a few times. It has always been a lot of fun. So, when she invited me down I was way too excited. Not only was she going to help me with some work stuff, but honestly, I have been really crushing on her. Lesbian play has always turned me on, but I have been a little too shy to try it. Aurora is a bit aggressive so this was the perfect situation.


So, when I  showed up she was just so much prettier than her photos, and she was so warm and inviting. Honestly, she was all business and ready to get down to work. We discussed getting everything done so that later in the night we could unwind and have some fun. I sat down next to her, and opened my computer, and we got to work .Sitting next to her it was quite hard to concentrate on work, I mean she is just so sexy and smelt so good it overwhelmed my senses. Honestly, it took a ton of effort to not touch her. To say the least, our chemistry was insane, and happened instantly. Luckily, for me the work went pretty fast. For the last part she was showing me how to edit a video, so she opened up a video.


The video was of my favorite lesbian porn stars Sinn Sage.


Looking over at me she asked, “Have you ever been with a girl?” Honestly, I was embarrassed as I answered saying that I had been but it was nothing at all like this video. “Honestly, this video is making me a bit horny” I said “Do you think maybe me and you can play” So, she seemed kinda excited.. Of course, she wanted to play with me.. I knew the sex would be amazing. She asked me to undress so that she could see those perky little titties that made her mouth water. They are so pretty and the perfect size, about a mouthful. Taking my nipples into her mouth she began to suck on them and tease them. 


Next, she began caressing my soft thighs, I moaned in pleasure. Begging for more, she was happy to oblige. Her mouth worked its way down my flat stomach to my belly button. Treating it like it was my clit  she began flicking her wet tongue in and out of it while sucking it was driving me crazy. In other words, my pussy was dripping wet and so very hot. Slowly, she moved her mouth further down, tasting my sweet lips. She told me I tasted like candy and I wanted her to fuck me so very bad. 


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