Lesbian Fantasy, Lexi gets a hot encounter at a hotel part one

Here is a little lesbian fantasy I have enjoyed recently… Hope you like it as much as I do!

It was late on Halloween night when Lexi decided to pull over and get a room at a hotel in a small town. She had been driving for several hours and wanted to get some rest. As she approached the front desk she noticed a tall slim red head behind the desk dressed as a police officer. Lexi laughed and said that she hoped no one was in trouble. The desk clerk smiled and said it was something they did for Halloween. Besides that she said that her shift was about done and she would be getting off. Lexi noticed her name tag and said she thought Shannon was a pretty name. As she signed in, Shannon smiled and said “don’t take my pen, I might have to arrest you.” Lexi smiled and said “I’ve never been in handcuffs before.” Shannon said “there’s a first time for everything.” When Lexi took her key she made it a point to take the pen. From behind the desk, Shannon called out, “I may have to arrest you.” Lexi looked over her shoulder and said, “I won’t be hard to find.”

As she entered the room Lexi went into the bathroom and freshened up.

She was wearing her work clothes. A black skirt and a sheer white blouse. She tossed her jacket on the chair and wondered if the flirting at the desk was just a joke. A few moments later she heard a light knock on the door. When she opened the door, Shannon was standing there. Shannon smiled and said that she was there to investigate it hate a theft. They both laughed and Shannon said to Lexi, “if you didn’t mean for me to come to your room I can leave.” Lexi said that she was hoping she would get the message. Lexi stood there and admired the tall red head for a minute. Her short black skirt and tight shirt showed off her long legs and small breasts. Lexi told her that she was glad she came.

With that Shannon moved towards her and wrapped her arms around Lexi and kissed her. Shannon pushed her tongue deep into Lexi’s willing mouth. Lexi felt Shannon moving her hands over her back and lightly brushing her ass. Lexi moaned softly and said if this is what being arrested felt like she needed more. So Lexi placed her hand on Shannon’s chest and rubbed her breasts. They both were caressing each other’s breasts and pulling each other close.

Shannon reached behind Lexi and unzipped her dresser.


Lexi pushed it to the floor and looked at Shannon and asked if she was going to be strip searched. Shannon said she was going to search every inch of her. Shannon had a hand in Lexi’s panties rubbing her pussy. Lexi was unbuttoning Shannon’s shirt and kissing her breasts through her bra. Shannon did the same for Lexi. She pulled off Lexi’s shirt and bra and really began to suck Lexi’s breasts. Softly chewing on Lexi’s nipples. They were both topless and Lexi moved down to take off Shannon’s skirt. But first she had to unbuckle the belt Shannon was wearing.

Lexi saw the handcuffs and gasped when she saw that the night stick was really a big black dildo.

Lexi eased the skirt over Shannon’s ass and pushed her face between Shannon’s legs. Shannon moaned and softly whispered “that’s it. Lick me baby.” Lexi pulled Shannon’s panties aside and kissed her pussy. Shannon was already wet. Leading her to the bed, Lexi laid her down and pulled Shannon’s panties off. Lexi looked Shannon in the eyes and rubbed her panties across her face. Lexi then kissed her way down Shannon’s body. Stopping to kiss her erect nipples, Lexi inserted first one then two fingers in to Shannon’s pussy. Shannon was moaning and squirming. When Lexi put her mouth to Shannon’s waiting pussy Shannon was moaning loudly. Eat me. Yes. That’s it. Eat my pussy. When Shannon orgasmed it was huge. Lexi kept licking until Shannon was spent.

Shannon began moving her hand in to Lexi’s panties.


She pushed the panties down Lexi’s legs and finally pulled them off. Shannon was teasing Lexi playing with her pussy and Lexi moaned and said, ”make me cum baby.”

Shannon then said that she thought Lexi wanted to be arrested. Lexi said,”yes. Do what you want.” Shannon rolled Lexi onto her chest and told her not to move. Lexi heard Shannon get up and get the belt that was on the floor. When Shannon came back to the bed she pulled Lexi’s arms behind her and handcuffed her. Shannon then started working her hand between Lexi’s legs. Rubbing her pussy and stroking a finger between Lexi’s ass. Lexi was moaning and rolling on the bed. Shannon gave Lexi’s ass a quick slap and moved her onto her back. Wasting no time Shannon moved into Lexi’s waiting pussy. Lexi squirmed and moaned. “Lick my pussy. Eat it. Oh god yes that’s good,”. Lexi orgasmed and wrapped her legs around Shannon’s head and tried to pull her tongue deeper in to her cunt.

You are so good Lexi told Shannon.


We’re not done yet Shannon smiled and told Lexi. Shannon told Lexi to get on her knees and then Shannon slid under her and pulled Lexi onto her face. Shannon had Lexi sit on her face and began furiously eating her out. Seeing Lexi’s handcuffed arms above her completely turned Shannon on. She found Lexi’s clit and pulled it into her mouth. Lexi was wildly moving her hips and telling Shannon to “ eat me. Eat my cunt.” Shannon was using her hands to hold Lexi and when she grabbed Lexi’s ass she went wild. “Oh yes work my ass baby. I love it. Spank my ass. Fuck me!” Shannon started working a finger in to Lexi’s ass and Lexi was pushing her pussy into Shannon’s face. When Lexi came she fell off of Shannon and laid on her back breathing heavily. Before Lexi knew it Shannon positioned herself atop her face and rubbed her pussy across Lexi’s face. “Your turn” Shannon said. Lexi really had to push her face into Shannon’s pussy. Without her hands she used her tongue to get Shannon off.


It wasn’t long until Shannon squirted a long stream of cum all over Lexi’s face.

They rested there together for a while. Every once in a while Shannon would stroke Lexi’s ass and caress her breasts. “Are you ready for the next round?,” Shannon asked. “What do you mean?,” Lexi asked. Shannon said she had another tool on her belt. With that she got up and took the big black dildo out of the belt. She came to the bad and put it between them. They were both licking the dildo. Shannon took the dildo and eased it into Lexi’s pussy. Lexi moaned loudly. “Oh yes. Fuck me!” Shannon worked the big black monster in and out of Lexi’s sopping wet cunt. Using her other hand to massage Lexi’s clit.


When Lexi came it felt as though her pussy swallowed the dildo.

Shannon finally took off the handcuffs and they embraced for a long time. Lexi smiled and told Shannon “now I have a surprise for you.” Shannon asked what it was and Lexi told her to close her eyes. Lexi went to her bag and pulled out a large black strap on dildo of her own. She used Shannon’s panties to blindfold her and then took the handcuffs and placed them on Shannon. When she had Shannon handcuffed and blindfolded Lexi pulled her to the floor and placed Shannon on her knees. Lexi took the strap on and rubbed it across Shannon’s face. Shannon moaned and said she needed to get fucked. Lexi told her to suck it. Get it nice and wet. Lexi was turned on looking down on the blindfolded red head with arms handcuffed behind her back. With Shannon moaning loudly that she wanted to be fucked, Lexi pushed her against the bed and mounted her front behind. Lexi grabbed Shannon’s tiny breasts and rolled her nipples back and forth as she slid the strap on in and out of Shannon’s pussy. Sensing Shannon was close to cumming, Lexi picked up the tempo and started to hammer the strap on in and out of Shannon’s pussy. When she orgasmed Shannon screamed loudly.

Lexi pulled out of Shannon’s pussy and unlocked the handcuffs and removed the panties from Shannon’s face. Shannon licked at the dildo and murmured to Lexi how much she liked being with her. Lexi smiled and said “give me the room for another few days and we can do this all weekend!”

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