Lesbian Fantasy – Getting a Lesson in the Kitchen Part 2 – STE – A – 0008 – 06-26-23


Hey guys! Welcome back to my lesbian MILF blog! If you need a refresher, check out part 1 here. I know you’re dying to know what happens next, so let’s get back to it!


Mrs. Lee finally let go and gave me another smile. I prayed she didn’t see the blush on my cheeks before she went back to the kitchen.


“Make yourself at home,” she called before disappearing behind the wall.


I felt like my heart was racing a little. Did she really just come onto me, or was I imagining things? There was no other explanation for why she said that right into my ear.


Maybe I was just delusional and it really was an innocent gesture.


“Hey.” David’s voice pulled me back to reality. “Wanna go see Lucy?” Lucy was the family dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever mix with the most friendly attitude I’d ever seen in a dog. She was quite old now, but still a very good girl that I had missed very much.


We went to visit her in her favorite spot. She was all curled up on her favorite bed in the living room in the corner by the couch, right where you could drape your arm over the armrest and scratch her head. She was just as beautiful and sweet as ever.


After a little while of sitting with Lucy and catching up with David, Mr. Lee came to ask David for help out in the garage. He was working on his old car again. He’d had that thing for ages and refused to buy a new one because it was still reliable with the right care. I didn’t know a thing about cars, so I opted to just stay inside with Lucy while they were busy. That was the plan anyways, but as soon as they’d gone Mrs. Lee called for me.


I got up and made my way to the kitchen to find her bent over and putting a pan into the oven. I paused, unable to help myself. Mrs. Lee had an amazing body. She was curvy in all the right places and didn’t look a day over 30, which I always hoped I’d be lucky enough to experience as I got older. She was gorgeous, and the way her yoga pants hugged her hips and butt I was having a hard time not looking.


I almost gasped when I noticed I could see the outline of her pussy lips while she was bent over. Was she not wearing underwear?


She stood back up and closed up the oven door, turning to me with a smile. “Could I get your help?”


In the past I’d loved helping her cook and bake. It was fun, and I didn’t get to do it often at my own house, so being able to do it with Mrs. Lee had always been special to me. Despite my perverted thoughts making my mind wander I still wanted to help, so I agreed and picked up the spare apron that hung on the inside of the standalone cabinet door. I tied it around my waist and went to wash my hands.


“What are you making?” I asked. It was almost dinner time, so I figured she was probably about to start that. Her cooking was always delicious, so I was excited to be over to eat it again.


“A pot roast,” she said. “With carrots, potatoes, onions, all the fixings.”


She took out a cutting board and knife, putting it on the counter. She got the onions and potatoes from their spot on a shelf and I got the carrots from the fridge. I was all too happy to help with the cooking, but my mind kept going back to the image of her bent over at the oven. I felt my cheeks getting hot again.


I helped with chopping up everything while she prepared the roast itself. All the spices smelled amazing, and for a moment I was entirely focused on meal prep. That is, until I felt her walking behind me to go get the crockpot.


I don’t know if it was intentional but I definitely felt a hand on my ass.


I didn’t say anything, too nervous to misread the situation again. There was just no way this gorgeous woman was coming on to me right now. I really had to be delusional. And yet, I definitely felt a hand touch my butt just now. Maybe it was an accident and she didn’t realize she’d done it. I couldn’t help thinking about it though, and I really wasn’t paying much attention to the chopping anymore.


Suddenly, I felt her right behind me, pushing against me. Her hands were on mine, moving them to the correct positions for chopping again. I could feel her tits pressed against my back.


“Pay attention,” she told me, her voice low and kind of sultry. Her hands lingered on mine for way too long to be considered innocent, her finger rubbing the top of my hand gently. She rested her chin on my shoulder as she rubbed my hand and I could feel chills down my spine once more. Fuck, she really was coming on to me!


Thanks so much for reading this far! If you want to hear the rest of the naughty details about what this sexy MILF did to me make sure you check out my audio!


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