Lesbian Fantasy – Getting a Lesson in the Kitchen Part 1 – STE – A – 0008 – 06-26-23


It had been a whole two years since I’d seen my best friend David. After we graduated high school we both ended up pretty busy and going our separate ways, but then one day he reached back out to me and I’d been thrilled at the idea of getting to see him again. So, we set up a little hangout date.


As the day drew closer I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was so ready to see David again!


When the day finally arrived I made sure everything was ready and perfect, including myself. I was all dressed up and looking cute in my thrifted blue skirt and matching cropped blouse with white sneakers to put the look together. He was still living at home, so we figured it’d be easier for me to just meet him at his house, especially since his parents had wanted to see me, too. They had been like my second parents, looking after me all the time and being just as loving and supportive of my own. David and I had been best friends for a very long time, and our families knew each other really well.


I pulled into his driveway just after 4PM and parked my car. I was so excited I was practically bouncing as I went up the walkway to the door and knocked. When the door opened it was David’s father. The last time I’d seen him he had fewer gray hairs, but he was still the same Mr. Lee I knew and loved.


“It’s great to see you again, Stella,” he said, giving me a big hug. I hugged him back and smiled warmly.


“You too, Mr. Lee! It’s been so long.”


Behind Mr. Lee stood David, who was waiting a bit impatiently to get to me. When his dad backed out of the doorway to let me in I threw my arms around David and hugged him tightly, too. He hugged me back. There was a lot of hugging to be done today.


“How have you been? You look great,” he said, looking me over. He looked great, too. He’d grown up a lot from the goofy kid I knew him as. Actually, he was really hot now. Not that he wasn’t attractive before, but what was once a cute baby face and a lanky teen body had now become more chiseled and sculpted from an obvious workout routine.


“I’ve been really good!” I said. “You look totally different, though. Who are you trying to impress?” I teased with a sly little grin, pushing his shoulder playfully. It made him a little bashful and he denied my teasing accusation. He really was the same old David, even if he looked different.


From the kitchen doorway, David’s mom suddenly appeared.


She was wearing an apron that sported fresh patches of flour and some unidentifiable older stains here and there. She smiled at me as she moved in for, you guessed it, a big hug. I hugged her back just the same, happy to see her once again, too. She always smelled like she was baking something, like vanilla and nutmeg and also coffee. It was a comforting scent that always made me feel like I was at home.


“Stella, it’s so good to see you,” his mom said, pulling me in tighter against herself. I don’t know why I was so conscious of it, but I could feel her boobs squishing against mine. They were a lot bigger than mine and I’d always been kind of intimidated by them growing up. Some part of me had always been curious about them, too. Like, what did they look like underneath her shirt? Did they even fit in her bra properly? What would they feel like?


I tried not to blush and forced myself to think about something else besides David’s mom and her tits.


While she was hugging me, his mom leaned in close. I could feel her words spoken right up against my ear, like they were only meant for me and nobody else in the room was allowed to hear them.


“I missed you, Stella,” she said. Her tone was a lot less motherly and more…something else. I didn’t know what it was, but it sent chills down my spine. For some reason, her words kind of turned me on. I wondered if that was intentional, but I didn’t dare say anything. How weird would that be? I couldn’t possibly think that about my best friend’s mom! And there was no way she was coming on to me, right?


Hey guys! Thanks so much for reading part 1 of my blog. I hope you enjoyed it! The second part comes out on Saturday, so be sure to keep an eye out for more! If you want to hear even more dirty details about how my friend’s hot mom seduces me, be sure to check out my audio!


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