Knotted, Aria gets taken by the big bad Alpha part two

My dreams of being knotted were about to finally come true tonight. The only thing in my way, was the man currently buried inside my overly eager pussy. “Shift.” I demanded for the second time, and again he ignored me.

I growl my frustration and grab the hair at the nape of his neck and pull. He finally looked me in the eyes, but did not relent in his steady pace grinding his cock damn near through my cervix and into my womb.

I was damn near about to give in to his persuasive hips, but decided against it. So in a last ditch effort to make my dreams a reality, I lunged at his neck and sunk my teeth into his flesh. The taste of copper and iron filled my mouth and a groan that could only be described as half pain and half pleasure filled my ears.

That’s when it happened. Growling, panting, and a sense that suddenly this guy was getting bigger. Not only was he getting bigger, but his cock inside me was too. I gasped as I felt my pussy slowly stretching to the growth of his cock. The feel of my bare arms meeting flesh now felt a soft coating of fur.

The sound of growling was louder, and the grip on my ass was much harder than before.

I opened my eyes and smile at the sight before me. There was no doubt about it. The glowing yellow eyes were all that was left of the man from before. I slid my tongue out, licking up the stray trail of blood from my lips, and he lifted his head in a howl. He lowered us down to the floor and grabbed the back of my thighs to prop my legs up to my chest.

Only then did he begin the brutal assault. His cock, now easily three times the size as before, drilled into me. So thick and massive, that there was no way it would have fit had he not been inside of me when it grew. I began groaning, begging for more. His claws digging into my tender thighs as he panted above me.

I couldn’t hear much over the sound of blood rushing to my brain, but I heard answering howls all around us. I could sense the eyes of dozens of wolves watching. So I reached up and wrapped my arms around the thick furred neck of my beast and cried out for more.

I begged for him to knot me, I begged for him to seed me. I begged to be his human fuck doll and fuck me every night with his beat sized cock. All my dirty talk seemed to excite him. Because he pounded into me harder and harder. I wasn’t sure if he was going to listen to me until I felt it. He plunged himself all the way inside of me, straight past my cervix and into my womb, and the base of his cock swelled like a balloon.

The feel of him forcibly locking himself inside of my pussy made me explode.

My womb and cervix practically choked the head of his cock as I unraveled around him. That made the beast above me howl in ecstasy and unload a metric fuck ton of cum inside of me.

My belly immediately swelled as if I was several months pregnant, and the beast above me began to shrink. The fur seemed to grow in reverse, and the man from before was once again. All except his cock. That was still beastly, and it was still knotted inside me.

He bore down into my eyes for several minutes, catching his breath. Finally he leaned down and whispered into my ear. “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into…”

I thought I did… But honestly, the reality of it was so much better.

Did you miss out on part one of my knotted blog? Well you can catch up on it right here! If you want to have a howling good time with me, check out my audio!




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  1. DJ January 15, 2021 at 12:19 am

    Mmmm Loved the story!
    Very very hot !
    Knot ! Hehe 💕


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