Knotted, Aria gets taken by the big bad Alpha part one

I was in high school when I found out that werewolves existed. His name was Nate and he was the running back on our football team. One weekend I was walking our dog in the woods behind our house and I watched him shift from wolf to man. Ever since that fateful Saturday morning I have dreamed of being knotted. It didn’t take long for that dream to become a reality….

Once the initial shock of learning supernatural creatures existed wore off, I got my tight ass into high gear. I knew the Nate was happily taken, so I needed to find out who else happened to howl at the moon so to speak.

Soon enough I got in with Nate’s crowd. Hung out with them after school a few times a week and eventually got invited to a house party. Somehow I knew that this was my chance. So I took my time getting dressed, wanting to make sure that I would leave nothing up to chance.

I wore a skin tight strapless dress that left little to the imagination.

Added with that, I also wore no bra or panties underneath. All my research showed that werewolves had heightened senses. I was hoping that someone at the party would be able to smell how aroused I was, eagerly seeking out my own beast of a sex partner…

Making my way through the crowded entryway of the party had me rattled with nerves. But I was also slicked with juices as I looked around at all the big hulking eye candy at the party. There was no way in hell that they weren’t just like Nate… and by the way they were looking at me, they could smell me.

I had hit the jackpot.

I approached the closest guy who looked unattached and turned on all my feminine wiles. He looked at me like he was a starving man, and I was a three course meal. He wanted to eat me up and I was going to let him. All it took was one whisper in his ear, suggesting we go somewhere more private. He took my hand and led me out the back door and into the woods behind the property.

Once we were a five minute walk into the treeline he pressed me up against a trunk and captured my mouth with his. His hands were all over me, fondling me, caressing me, petting me like a beast. He pulled my dress up to my hips and growled in delight to find I had no panties on.

I heard the zip of his zipper and prepared myself for impact, but it never came.

Suddenly his hands were ripped away from my body. I opened my eyes to find the tallest, most muscular man I have ever seen in my life. His eyes seemed to glow in the night and I could hear the rumble in his chest.

She’s MINE.” He growled out to my previous suitor, and instead of fighting for me, the guy backed away. My new partner’s eyes bored into me for a few more heartbeats before he lifted me up and sat me down on his cock. He was not gentle about it, he did not ask permission. He took me because he knew that it was what I wanted.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and howled with each thrust. Keeping eye contact as we made a rhythm with our bodies, I finally made my demand. “Shift.” I growled. I was going to be knotted tonight or die trying.

Let the real fun finally begin….

Did you enjoy part one of my knotted blog? Well the best is yet to come! Read part two this friday! Or if you want to have a howling good time with me, check out my audio!




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