If being a kitty and having hot sex was wrong, I didn’t want to be right. Feeling him sliding in and out of my throat I loosened my throat and struggled not to gag. Being very careful to go slow like my master liked. I tended to get over excited. Speeding up and getting sloppy. 

He taught me. Hours of training on masters cock licking and sucking. I sucked his cock down like a kitten would trying to get milk off a nipple. Sucking yes, and loving the feeling of just base need. My inner feline was purring as I felt him grab the back of my head and move his hips just a little, making me take him further down. 

As master’s balls tickled my chin I gagged and coughed around his hardon. For just a moment he held me there until I growled at the back of my throat. The vibrations making him harder. Releasing the back of my head I came up sputtering. I looked up frustrated and hissed. That was my mistake. I should have known better and suddenly he flicked my nose and I recoiled. 

Laying back on the ground I tried to make myself invisible worried about having upset my master. Hearing my name I looked up and he held his hand out to me and had me rub my face against it before licking it. 

Hearing him laugh pleased me and I smiled big. I then wiggled my butt in the air. Raising it and lowering my shoulder so my tail waved around. Oh I felt so pretty and feminine. Being a owned feline was amazing. As master knew me so well he grabbed my tail and lifted it. The anal plug holding it in place moving making me meow in a desire for attention. At my meow my master looked down at me and I held his gaze.

I was a kitty. I was not going to look away first. Swearing I would not but when he shoved two fingers into my soaked pussy I closed them and bit my lip. Raising my ass higher up I purred as he plunged his fingers in and out of my in heat pussy. I couldn’t get enough of this life.

As my master finger fucked me I meowed again low and needy. I felt myself getting close. Meowing again louder, demanding more. Feeling master shove a third finger into my wet feline pussy. Cumming hard I felt his other hand grab the back of my neck digging his fingers into either side. It was like being bitten on the back of the neck and I screamed. Orgasming shaking I tried to stay on all fours but fell down panting. 

I’d never felt more womanly and wanton then when I got to be in cat form. Mmm, I was a good kitty who behaved for her master. When I was naughty it was doing exactly what master told me to do. Maybe you should get a kitty sometime to play with

.I really hope you enjoyed part 2 . To hear the rest of the yummy details  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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