As I put my kitty ears on, clipping them tight to my hair, I looked at myself in the mirror. A huge smile appeared as I admired my handiwork. I had put my hair in high pigtails that fluffed up around the kitty ears. My makeup was done to make my face look feline. With one last wicked smile at my frisky self I slid my gloves on with the diamond claws, and left for my party downstairs.  

I had only got into the scene recently but I had never felt so liberated. What a way to feel more basic down to need. Walking the last few feet on my two legs to the door to the living room. Then I lowered myself onto my hands and knees and used a paw to scratch at the door. 

Moreover, hearing footsteps approaching. As the door was opened I lowered my head to my master. At first I had felt hesitant, but at this point it was hard to now always be this. To be a cat to be played with. No decisions, or worries, just emotion. Primal need at its most basic. 

Walking as a cat into the room on all fours I followed my master as he went to sit. Curling up on the floor at his feet I felt myself relax. His hand on my head casually petting me as he talked with his friends I couldn’t hold back my purr if I tried. Watching another kitty being played with across from us although we were right there. The hand on her breast fondling it casually as the masters talked. 

Talk wasn’t important to being a kitty. No, what was important was primal need. I was not hungry. More like bored and felt a different hunger. Oh yes, As I rubbed my head against the side of my master’s leg trying to demand more attention I heard him chuckle. That’s when he said it. He said my name. I had permission to look up. 

Looking up at my handsome master as he rubbed the side of my face I licked it showing him how happy he was making. When I slid my tongue over his palm is when the mood he was in changed. 

Suddenly he grabbed my collar and made me sit up. As I rose to my feet I heard him unzipping his pants. Looking into his eyes I could see the heat in them. The desire to play with me. I enjoyed being his kitty. Yes, enjoyed it so much I playfully purred rubbing my face against his inner thigh. At his chuckle I couldn’t take it and grabbed his hardening cock. 

Being a playful feline I licked the head of master. Licking softly, enjoying the taste I take my tongue and slide it from the tip of him down to the base. Right where his balls started. I was wet and felt like I was going into heat. I loved being a kitty and knowing I was not my own master. Nope, I didn’t need to worry my furry self about responsibilities. 

Smiling at this I took master into my mouth. Slowly playfully sliding him down my rumbling in pleasure throat.

I really hope you enjoyed part 1 . To hear the rest of the yummy details  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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