Kiara’s Revenge-Payback Sex-Ex’s Brother-Part 1

After being in a relationship for several months, I was heart broken when my man just one day, ghosted me. I had never been ghosted before so this was a new kind of hurt. It’s always hard when something ends before you’re ready. But when you wear your heart on your sleeve, only for it to be left hanging alone, It’s a cold feeling. It’s obviously not what one is thinking when going into a relationship and sure as fuck not what you expect when you think everything is perfectly fine. I never thought I was the type of girl to give revenge payback sex.

I would miss his voice, I would miss the way he spoke to me, the way he looked at me and the way he touched me. But mostly I would miss that feeling of having someone who was my rock, my safe place and my one and only person in this whole world who loved me the way I wanted to be loved….or so I thought. His words no longer had meaning.

They were just empty words to fill the silence.

After weeks of crying and wondering what I did wrong, I decided to get off my ass, get dressed up and go out with some of my girls. They had been begging me to go out with them since the break up and I just didn’t feel ready, until now. We went to this really hot club down town that I loved. Music was always pumping, the random men buying me drinks was always welcomed and I was a dancer at heart. Dancing is my form of therapy, and this club was my happy place. I needed to shake off this recent heart break of mine.

We arrive looking as sexy as ever. Hair looking good. My makeup looks perfect with smoky eyes, very faint rosy cheeks and pink lips. My body looking hot. Wearing my white off the shoulder shirt that was so tight you could see my smooth skin and the top of my tits. And my cute little black skirt and high heels. Of course all my girls were looking amazing too. We walk up to the bouncer with excitement beaming on our faces. “Have you ladies been behaving yourselves tonight?” he asks us. I gave him a look of guilty pleasure and responded, “of course we have.”

With a smirk of disbelief, he moves the rope and allows us to enter the fun.

Once inside, the music is alive and so is the crowd. We move through the room of sweaty, horny bodies and make our way to the bar where we hydrate with some of the most delicious drinks. One…two…three… And now we were all ready to dance. I grab my two friends by their hands and pull them into the middle where we start feeling the beat. My whole body moves, from top to bottom. Shaking my ass, I go up and down with my girls making me the middle of our threesome. All of a sudden, I feel another body up against mine. But it wasn’t my girlfriend. I look over and there was this guy dancing up on me.

It was my ex’s brother.

He was sexy and our bodies seemed to move really well together. I was surprised. I was not expecting to see him here. But as surprised as I was, I was really turned on by this. It didn’t take me long to turn to him and become close. He wasn’t out to cause problems. He was just there at the same time and knew what his brother had done to me

. I started gazing in to his eyes while moving my little body in his hands. He stared back at me, as if to say he knew I had been hurt. A look of wanting to provide some comfort and fill the hole in my chest. This moment turned in to just us in the room. We blocked out all other people and started getting closer. I put my hands around his neck and he had his on my waist. I could feel him pulling me in, all I wanted to do was be near him.


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