Katoptronophilia Fetish – Reflection Of Me Part 2

So, how does a Katoptronophilia fetish help with phone sex? I want you to picture this as you read. Close your eyes and let your mind wander as you picture every little detail. We’reon my bed our mouths exploring each other. Our eyes are closed and our hands are familiarizing themselves with each others’ bodies. Slowly, we pull away from one another and gaze into each other’s eyes. We take in the details of the face looking back at us. Your eyes wander to the mirror behind me and you take in my chocolate skin, the curve of my lower back, the pop of my bubble butt, and the slender grace of my legs. It’s so enticing to see me from both angles.

Your eyes drift back to my face, down my neck, and to the cleavage, I’m showing off all my skin in a lace teddy. I can visibly see your eyes drinking in every minute detail that’s being presented to you. My leg wraps around your hips and I roll myself on top of you. The mirror remains in our peripheral vision. I start kissing your cheek, your ear, your neck, and finally, I start to work my way down your body. My eyes gaze up at you as I kiss my way farther down. I teasingly lift up your shirt with a smile, letting my lips gently graze your skin. My hands fumble with the button on your jeans but I eventually get that cock of yours out of your pants.

Just you visualizing this is a lot like my Katoptronophilia fetish.

As my lips surround your head, my eyes dart over to the mirror. I watch my reflection devouring your cock for a few seconds then my eyes meet yours once again. Your attention is drawn to the mirror and watching me from another angle. It’s almost as though you’re watching a dirty movie but the screen is all around you. Your eyes look upward to the mirror on the ceiling and back at my face. My lips are working that head and are now venturing down the length of your shaft. Your cock throbs inside my hot wet mouth while you observe and feel the sensations of the blowjob I’m giving you. The sensational overload is too much for you to handle.

 Your cock pulses, your head gets even harder, and seconds later, I feel a spurt of cum shoot into my mouth. It’s followed by another, a third. Your balls relax because you’ve been drained of cum…for now. I unlatch my lips from your softening cock and open my mouth for you. Once you’ve seen the jizz in my mouth and on my face, I turn to look at myself in the glass. I love looking at myself covered in cum. It’s so arousing. My pussy juice starts to spill out of my panties as I stare at my reflection. But, now it’s time for a little reciprocation. I want you to give me a show now. And after, well, you’ll have more cum in your balls by then and your cock will be hard. The night isn’t over yet. We’re far from finished.

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